Friday, January 25, 2013

A-Z Untrieds: M: Magic Mist by Hare Polish

Hello gang, sorry for being absent, I was feeling sick on Monday but now I feel better! It's always nice when you can transfer your sickness to someone else so you can get over it faster *evil laugh* but seriously, I'm feeling much better. Well, physically at least, emotionally I suck. I applied for a job near me and went to the interview but didn't get the job. I am the most amount of suck ever. You know what? I wish I could snap my fingers and poof I have a job at MAC. Cuz I would love to work there. Or -snap- poof I actually finished Cosmetology and I got my license and am now working in a salon... ah life is stupid sometimes. Well here's something that's not stupid, in fact the complete antithesis of stupid which is awesomesauce, a manicure featuring one of my favorite indie brands, Hare Polish.

For this color, Magic Mist, I decided to layer it over OPI Planks A Lot. You probably don't need to with Magic Mist since it already has a nice milky base, but I like to layer as I've stated before to save the polish :) Planks A Lot is a fantastic greyed lilac purple creme with an equally fantastic formula.

Hare Polish Magic Mist is that same milky lilac purple with lots of different glitters going on, which is why I love these polishes. There are teeny tiny microscopic purple round glitters, small purple hex glitters, large purple square glitters, medium magenta hex glitters, small orange hex glitters and small blue square glitters. It's so complex and unique, as with all of Nikole's fabulous creations.

And here is a nice macro:
Natural light

Oh jeez, I love this brand. Currently, Nikole's Etsy is closed, but you can purchase some of polishes that are in stock (Magic Mist included!) on Llarowe.

Did you also notice something different about my pictures?! :) Have a really great Friday! I'm having dinner with my boyfriend and his parents tonight, we're going to a really yummy Afghan restaurant! I'm excited!

As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

TraceFace Philes Giveaway!

Tracie at TraceFace Philes is holding a giveaway featuring Candy Lacquer's Valentine's Day lacquers!! It's sooooo awesome!! Check it out here:

And good luck if you enter! Otherwise, have a good one!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lots of Makeup Looks

Hello hello, you won't mind if I post a crap ton of makeup looks right now, would you? These have been sitting patiently in my folder for eons waiting to be seen by other human eyes besides mine... If you really want to know what I've used or what color is what, just ask, otherwise please enjoy!!!









 I love makeup. It's so fun! What are your favorite looks? Obvi I love them all teehee. And I miss my orange hair :( but I like having pink/purple/orange hair too :)

Thanks for visiting! Have a great Friday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A-Z Untrieds: L: Lake Placid on Acid (Original) by Lacquistry

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gang!!! You would probably never know it because I will write with proper grammar and spelling at all times no matter what, but I am drunk right now!!! YEAH! Why, you may ask? Because it's Friday night and because I just finished watching Michael Jackson's DVD from his Dangerous Tour, and my friends and I thought it would be fun to play a drinking game while watching it! So now I'm kinda drunk :) And here's a post about nails! Yay!

I bought Lacquistry's Lake Acid on Placid a million years ago. Jenna (Lacquistry's awesome creator) felt this polish was not up to her standards because of bleeding polish so she promptly sent me a replacement containing non-bleeding glitters! What a sweetie, right?! I personally do not care either way if the glitters bleed because the polish is awesome through and through but I love both versions for different reasons. Now I'm showing the original Lake Placid on Acid. The base for this polish which I unfortunately do not have pictures of was Maybelline Be Scene in Green. Sorry bout that! But BEHOLD!

There is so much glitter your mind cannot comprehend it.

Before I removed this, I added Zoya's Rina on top for more sparkle!! Yaaaay it looks amaaaaazzzzzzzing.

Well!!! I hope you all enjoyed that!! Yes, this will be a short one since I am drunk and need to watch more music videos!! :)

Thanks so much for visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!