Monday, March 4, 2013

Belated Mardi Gras Mani

OOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPS AGAIN. Here's the mani I did for Mardi Gras! I'm not really into Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday. I remember when I was in elementary school, on Fat Tuesday, the whole school was served pancakes as a treat. The point, if you're not aware, was to "fatten" up before Lent, before you had to give up something you indulge in for forty days until Easter Sunday. I was raised Catholic so all this was taken quite seriously when I was little. You had to state what you were going to give up (i.e. "I'm giving up soda/chocolate/potato chips/etc.") and you weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays (my mom still reminds me but she seems to forget that my sister and I don't consider ourselves Catholic anymore). Well anyways, I'll never pass up a chance to try my hand at some nail art at the expense of some stupid "holiday", so I tried something different. This will be the first time you're seeing me try polka dots with my dotting tools that I received for Christmas two years ago.

Shade Close-up
Colors used are LA Girl Glitter Addicts Purge (green, first coat), Euphoria (purple, second coat) and Frisky (gold, third coat). On my accent finger (ring finger (heh, Nine Inch Nails...)) I did a coat or two of OPI Black Onyx then matted it with butter LONDON Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat and the dots are Santee Purple, Love & Beauty Gold, and BB Couture Frontier Woman (green).

My first attempt at dotting and I gotta say, it's not bad! The dots aren't perfect but they're not atrocious. I clearly ran out of room with the dots on my nail. On my nail wheel which I practiced on beforehand, I had room to place all the dots, including a second row of gold dots. But oh well, you work with what you got. I really enjoy how the three glitters look layered. It looks perfect! I was trying to go for like a confetti or beads look with this mani, and I think it represents the "holiday" fairly well.

What do you think? Sorry again for the tardiness of these last two posts. :) Thanks for visiting!

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