Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl Nails

Okay, I know this is super late, but my boyfriend just returned from China and I've been hanging out with him these last three days :) Obviously, even if you dislike football, you have ears and eyes and probably heard or read about who won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately it wasn't the team I was rooting for, although they came damn close. My mom was convinced that the refs were paid off and that's why they didn't call certain calls against the Ravens. I admit I was upset that they didn't win but not heartbroken like most Niner fans. Honestly I kind of hate football because of all the stupid rules. I could go on forever about the problems I have with football but I won't, especially now since it's BASEBALL SEASON!!! Yup, that's right kids, pitchers and catchers report next week!!!! Spring Training is coming up! YAY BASEBALL!!

Oh right, my red and gold nails.

I used OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, Love & Beauty Gold, and Pahlish Goldmine; Gutted. I free-handed the stripe cuz I'm lazy.

I was hoping that my nails would help give some mojo to the team but apparently not. Ah well, like I said, it's baseball season now hah. Stick around for my Super Bowl makeup :)

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