Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl Makeup

Hello I'm back again! This time I'm showing the makeup I did for Super Bowl Sunday, which of course was red and gold. Man, Bones is such a good show. Do you watch it? I'm actually watching it on Netflix so I'm only on season 4. But anyway, check out my makeup!!!!

Products used:
Inner Lid - #12 from Coastal Scents palette; Crease - Hot Topic red; Highlight - Soul.
Cheeks - BE The One; Lips - VS Melonrageous.

That Niners beanie is the only 49er article of clothing that I have and I didn't even buy it myself. And look, my glasses! I don't think youse guys have seen them yet! Maybe? I dunno. Again, my red and gold eyes didn't help lending mojo to the team. Oh welp! It's almost time for Spring Training!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Fudge!! I love the colour combo...Use all the colours! :D

  2. love this colour combo, well done! i'll try it. looks nice on u. i think i will write the same thing all over your makeup posts: u are the cutest ever!!


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