Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthstone Series: February Amethyst feat. butter LONDON HRH

Hey gang! Watching the new season of Project Runway off to the side, so don't mind me if I don't talk so much! It's very interesting so far... teams, you know? Anyways, here's the color I chose to wear to represent the February birthstone, amethyst.


Here's butter LONDON HRH. I'm assuming that "HRH" stands for "Her Royal Highness"? Anyway, this is what I think of when I think of what amethyst looks like.

I love this color. The formula was okay, not flawless but I had a few bald patches after two coats so I went ahead and did my usual three coats. I also had to be mindful of brushstrokes. They weren't terribly prominent but as I said, I had to watch for them and paint accordingly. But I'm not gonna complain when I received this polish for free with a pair of shoes that I ordered online!

Again, here are some celebrities who have birthdays in February. Natalie Cole (6th, same birthday as my mom!), Seth Green (8th, same birthday as my step-mom!), Kim Novak (13th), Brandon Boyd (15th), Molly Ringwald (18th), and Alan Rickman (21st, swoon).

Makeup look coming up next! Thanks for looking!

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