Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthstone Series: February Amethyst - Eyes!

Heyooo back with a look at the makeup I did for the February birthstone, amethyst. I abso-friggin-lutely love wearing purple on my eyes. Obviously it's because I have green eyes, so the purple helps to make them pop! And I love this look sooooo much. It's actually pretty dramatic! Not as dramatic as what I'm currently watching, Face/Off. I really enjoy this show because I love seeing how people can transform others with so much creativity and hard work. I could never do that because I like being pretty too much haha. Speaking og pretty...

Products used:
Inner lid - BE Boudoir; Lid - BE Wowza; Crease - BE May; Highlight - BE 500 Thread Count.
Cheeks - BE The Tease; Lips - VS Melonrageous.

 Well, what do you think? I love it of course! Stay tuned for more of this series each month! :)

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