Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A-Z Untrieds: O: Orchid by Candeo Colors

Hey look, it's more of the A-Z Untrieds! Yaaay! Today I've got a beaut. From Candeo Colors, I give you Orchid. Well first I give you Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants from some sort of Glee mini kit I think. I'm not a Glee fan, sorry guys. But I am a fan of hot colors! And you should know me by now, I have to layer polishes :)

So here's SOPI Miss Bossy Pants. No idea what the reference is and I don't care. I'm just lovin the hot pink/fuchsia with the beautiful shimmer.
Artificial Light

Here's Candeo Colors Orchid on top. The base is a deep pink jelly and the glitters can be affected by the base color, but in a really interesting and gorgeous way. According to Candeo Colors' listing of Orchid on their website, this "has a shimmery fuchsia base and is loaded with small copper, light purple, magenta and large silver holo hex glitter."

I love this polish! I think the SOPI polish underneath is a pretty good match for Orchid but I would love to see this over a vampier color too. The "shade" picture really captures how glowy the glitters look.

Right now this color is sold out on the Candeo Colors website but there sure are a lot of other gorgeous colors to choose from!

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