Friday, February 8, 2013

A-Z Untireds: N: Not Like the Movies by OPI

Hey kids! Back with some A-Z Untrieds! Today I have Not Like the Movies from OPI's Katy Perry collection from what seems like a million years ago. Admittedly I had no idea what the song sounded like until just now. Like I literally just listened to it because I felt like I should know the song the color is named after. I didn't care too much for the song. I guess I just liked the lyrics because I can relate to them, but I didn't care for how Katy Perry's voice sounded. Meh. I'm liking "Wide Awake" by her right now because I relate SOOOOO MUCH MORE to that song. I wanna cry every time I hear it. It pains me how much I understand what she's saying in that song. Plus her voice sounds way better and she's flippin hot in the video :) ANYWAYS I wish that OPI and Katy Perry would team up again and release more colors because Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey just don't do it for me.

Not Like the Movies is a silver duochrome, going from pink to green. Both sides of the duochrome were really prominent, although it looks like I could only get the green mostly. You can see a bit of the pink in the first picture. The formula is really sheer so instead of putting on coat after coat to get it opaque, I just layered it. I think I layered it over Confetti Lonesome Dove.
I really like this color, but I feel like "E.T." would have been a better name for it. I definitely think of extra-terrestrials when I see this color. I guess I can maybe see where the inspiration came from... silver, silver screen, movies...? Or am I just speculating? Whatevs, in my mind I'll call it "E.T".

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  1. This is a very unique colour!! I love how much it changes from light to dark!! I think Wide Awake is my favourite song by Katy Perry so far!! :)


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