Friday, January 11, 2013

A-Z Untrieds: L: Lake Placid on Acid (Original) by Lacquistry

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gang!!! You would probably never know it because I will write with proper grammar and spelling at all times no matter what, but I am drunk right now!!! YEAH! Why, you may ask? Because it's Friday night and because I just finished watching Michael Jackson's DVD from his Dangerous Tour, and my friends and I thought it would be fun to play a drinking game while watching it! So now I'm kinda drunk :) And here's a post about nails! Yay!

I bought Lacquistry's Lake Acid on Placid a million years ago. Jenna (Lacquistry's awesome creator) felt this polish was not up to her standards because of bleeding polish so she promptly sent me a replacement containing non-bleeding glitters! What a sweetie, right?! I personally do not care either way if the glitters bleed because the polish is awesome through and through but I love both versions for different reasons. Now I'm showing the original Lake Placid on Acid. The base for this polish which I unfortunately do not have pictures of was Maybelline Be Scene in Green. Sorry bout that! But BEHOLD!

There is so much glitter your mind cannot comprehend it.

Before I removed this, I added Zoya's Rina on top for more sparkle!! Yaaaay it looks amaaaaazzzzzzzing.

Well!!! I hope you all enjoyed that!! Yes, this will be a short one since I am drunk and need to watch more music videos!! :)

Thanks so much for visiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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