Monday, January 7, 2013

A-Z Untrieds: J: Jennie by Zoya

Hello again, and look, resurrecting an old series! Again, gonna be a short one. Part of J, this is Jennie from Zoya. I don't get WHY blogger wants to rotate this pictures. Jennie is a really pretty Barbie pink with a little bit of shimmer. Sorry if I'm bit distracted but I'm also watching "Once Upon A Time". SPLEEEEEEEEEEEE I love this show!! Oh right, the nail polish!


Later I put OPI's Super Bass Shatter over it and I really dig the combination.

 Although I really liked this color, the formula was a tad thick and I'm pretty sure I gave it away because I can't find it in my Helmers. Whatevs, I have lots of pinks. Soooo yeah, I'll see youse guys later!

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