Friday, November 9, 2012

Maybelline Cool Couture and Pahlish Sitting In A Tin Can

Hello it's Friday!!! Doesn't mean much to me since I still has no job :( meh but at least that means it's the weekend for the boyfriend and I get to spend more time sleeping in and cuddling with him! Squeeee. But speaking of jobs, I just received a message on facebook from this lady asking me if I would be interested in a job concerning makeup application for photo shoots, mainly bridal. I'm a wee bit skeptical because a) it very well could be a scam and b) even if it's not, it looks like they're located in San Jose, and I don't really want to commute that far (I did that for school and it SUCKED). I probably won't go through with contacting her, even though their website and fb page look legit, as I said, I'm not too keen to commute to SJ. So why did I even bother typing this all out? Because I have to! I'm a Libra, I'm indecisive normally! But anyways!

I wore this a while ago! Actually, now that I think about it, this is the mani I had on when I went to my great-grandma's funeral... uhh. Yeah, she was cool. She was 105 when she passed. I was mostly upset at her passing because her birthday had just passed in June and I didn't get to go because of work, so in my mind that meant I didn't get to say good-bye. But normally I don't get super emotional at funerals, it always makes me uncomfortable to see so many people upset and crying, because I'd rather be happy in remembering all the good times. When I die, I want everyone to participate in a pub crawl. I want to be cremated and I want my ashes spread in McCovey Cove. ANYWAYS, I tend to do this, diverge immensely...

For the first layer, I applied a couple coats of Maybelline Cool Couture. I think this was some sort of special edition or I dunno. I flippin gorgeous, which is why there are a few pictures. A cool toned dark grey amped up with beautiful blue/teal shimmer. These pictures are with artificial light.

After that I applied Pahlish Sitting In A Tin Can. If that name is in reference to something, it's lost on me. All I see in the name is "TIN" and it automatically makes me think of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof", one of my favorite movies of all time. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, I think it's on Netflix Instant, go watch it. Brilliant performances from the ENTIRE cast (except the kids, child actors back then really sucked.) So here's a couple coats of Sitting In A Tin Can. So in this beaut, we got holographic shimmer and hexes, black shimmer, small white hexes, large black squares and large white diamonds. LOVE. Again, artificial light for these pictures.

Macro bottle shot (dunno what happened to the bottle, came like that):

Good combo right?! Yeah I thought so. I'm not gonna blabber on since I did so much of it before, just gonna let you know that this polish is still available on Pahlish's etsy here. You can also get Pahlish on Llarowe, so the choice is yours!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Nails: NARS Purple Rain and KB Shimmer Jack

Hey guys! So here's what I had on my nails for my Maleficent costume. Not anything mind-blowing but I didn't have much time to do my nails so they just look pretty simple. But at least I was wearing a gorgeous color! I wore NARS Purple Rain.

Purple Rain is freaking gorgeous. I think I already said that. So it's a smooth and buttery deep grape purple that has those blackened edges so it looks like it's glowing. I shaped my nails to an oval because I think that's what Maleficent would do, if not just file them down to points which I was not about to do. Not sure how I feel about the oval shape on my nails. It would take some work to maintain since my nails don't grow that way anyways, especially my ring and pinky fingernails, they are definitely square shaped. ANYWAYS, all pics are in full sunlight.

The day after I slapped KB Shimmer Jack on top since it was going to be Game 4 of the World Series and I had to rep my colors. I guess it worked. HELL YEAH GIANTS!!! (Oh, also because Halloween was still coming up... and the celebratory parade for the Giants was also being held on Halloween! The BEST day!!)

Oooh sexy. I was hoping more of the purple would peek through like how you can tell on my pinky finger but it mostly just looked black. Shame too since this polish has both black and orange glitters in it. Kind of strange that you would make a black and orange glitter with a blackened base but whatevs, I still love it. Applied wonderfully with no need to fish for glitter or place the glitter strategically. Sorry for tip wear. First three pics in full sunlight, last two shade(ish).

Yay Halloween! Again, hope everyone had a good one! Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving, I LOVE mashed potatoes! I'm also gonna try to make a pumpkin cheesecake since I've been getting into baking recently. My boyfriend the cook and me the baker. Sounds good. Now I'm going to go play some BioShock 2.

Thanks guys!

Halloween Makeup: Maleficent x2

Hey guys! Sorry it's taken me so long to post this, I've been sick and addicted to playing BioShock 2 instead of posting. Lolzzzz but you forgive me right? You will, especially after the double feature I'm bringing you! For Halloween, my boyfriend and I (and our roommates) hosted a party at our house the Saturday before the actual holiday. This is where these first pictures come from. I can't really remember what products I used since I had to do my makeup super quick but if you really want to know, I'll find out for you and tell you.

Also let it be known that I can barely put fake lashes on myself. I don't want anyone else doing it because I had a really bad experience one time but at least I won't poke my own eye out. My lashes will just look a little wonky, that's all.

I hate that the camera does that! Wtf is with that black glare or whatever it is?!

Okay, so me and the boyfriend. I was incredibly proud of my costume since I made the horns and the staff. Obviously it's not a traditional Maleficent because I didn't want to have to worry about getting everything exactly right, nor did I want to pay a huge lump of money for something that would fall apart anyway. If you can guess my boyfriend's costume, 1 million points go out to you sir. For those left scratching their heads, go to Netflix right now and watch this movie called "Vampires Kiss". It stars Nick Cage in one of the craziest performances I've ever seen. My boyfriend = the cutest.

My bff and me! How freaking adorable is she?! She used the fur (faux of course) from an old jacket as the fur around her face. She's meant to be Little Red Riding Hood transforming into a wolf. Super cute!

Hahahahaha *derp*. I think I kinda look like Zooey Deschanel/Katy Perry for a second here... LOL

So that's the first look. Then on the actually holiday my friends and I were going to go to downtown San Mateo to bar hop in our costumes. That ended up not happening, and to spare you a long story, just know that when you tell someone you're going to be somewhere, be there on time and don't get sidetracked by sex! Anyways, I keep going back and forth as to whether I actually wanted to go out. It was getting later and my friends still hadn't shown up, plus it was raining and I didn't really want to wear heels all night. I still did my makeup but it came right off after my friends showed up at around 11. So here's the look.

Again my lashes look like crap cuz I did my makeup super fast.

Stupid black glare...

I gotta say, I liked this better. The whole reason I did green in the first look is because that seemed to be part of Maleficent's look. But I really wanted pink thrown in too, so I just did more pink and no green... my eyes are green anyway.

Well that's about all that happened! The party was fun and I really liked my costume, and I'm already thinking about next year. I either want to be Cruella De Vil or a Little Sister from BioShock. I'll probably do the latter because I freaking love that game.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Oh, bonus to that Halloween party night! The Giants had won Game 3 of the World Series! And of course, they would go on to SWEEP the Tigers in the World Series in Game 4 the very next night! GOD I FUCKING LOVE BASEBALL!!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!