Friday, December 28, 2012

KB Shimmer Berry Christmas + bonus makeup/hair

Hello again, I have another Christmas-y polish for ya, again from KB Shimmer. I wore this one to the boyfriend's company Christmas party. Needless to say we were the best looking couple there ;)

This is Berry Christmas, featuring one of my favorite color combos: red and purple. There's a lot going on here and I love it! Obviously this polish can transcend Christmas time and be used any time of the year. The first two pictures are in direct sunlight, the third indirect sunlight, and the fourth in the shade.

Here are two pictures of my makeup from that night. Pretty simple eyes (with falsies! WHOA) to go with the red lip. I also had just redone my hair with the Wild Orchid from Pravana on top of what I had before which was a mixture of Violet and Wild Orchid, so now it looks more pink but still purple, if that makes sense. I didn't do the roots at all because I'm lazy, I just put the color on top and that's it. I received a TON of compliments on my hair and I was by no means the only person at the party with colorful hair. Which brings me a pet peeve of mine... when girls DO NOT fill in their brows AT ALL. I don't get it... why wouldn't you make it look like you have eyebrows?! You look like an alien without them... and I know they're there, I can see tiny little hairs where your eyebrows should be... make an effort!!!!!! Ugh.

I think those are all the Christmas polishes I wore, I'm really lazy when it comes to nail art or anything of the sort so I usually just slap on some glitter and that's the extent of what I can do most of the time.

Thanks for looking!

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