Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Nails: NARS Purple Rain and KB Shimmer Jack

Hey guys! So here's what I had on my nails for my Maleficent costume. Not anything mind-blowing but I didn't have much time to do my nails so they just look pretty simple. But at least I was wearing a gorgeous color! I wore NARS Purple Rain.

Purple Rain is freaking gorgeous. I think I already said that. So it's a smooth and buttery deep grape purple that has those blackened edges so it looks like it's glowing. I shaped my nails to an oval because I think that's what Maleficent would do, if not just file them down to points which I was not about to do. Not sure how I feel about the oval shape on my nails. It would take some work to maintain since my nails don't grow that way anyways, especially my ring and pinky fingernails, they are definitely square shaped. ANYWAYS, all pics are in full sunlight.

The day after I slapped KB Shimmer Jack on top since it was going to be Game 4 of the World Series and I had to rep my colors. I guess it worked. HELL YEAH GIANTS!!! (Oh, also because Halloween was still coming up... and the celebratory parade for the Giants was also being held on Halloween! The BEST day!!)

Oooh sexy. I was hoping more of the purple would peek through like how you can tell on my pinky finger but it mostly just looked black. Shame too since this polish has both black and orange glitters in it. Kind of strange that you would make a black and orange glitter with a blackened base but whatevs, I still love it. Applied wonderfully with no need to fish for glitter or place the glitter strategically. Sorry for tip wear. First three pics in full sunlight, last two shade(ish).

Yay Halloween! Again, hope everyone had a good one! Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving, I LOVE mashed potatoes! I'm also gonna try to make a pumpkin cheesecake since I've been getting into baking recently. My boyfriend the cook and me the baker. Sounds good. Now I'm going to go play some BioShock 2.

Thanks guys!

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  1. wowo amazing colors!!the second one is so particular!!:)


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