Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shirt of the Day: Hello Catamari!

Yay more Shirt of the Day! I love doing these, especially since my t-shirt collection is becoming larger by the day. I'm always so excited when one of the t-shirt sites I go to daily has a really cool shirt and not another stupid goddamn Doctor Who shirt!!!! Seriously, fuck that. Yeah yeah, I've never watched the show, but the people I know who watch it (along with that other show I hate, the Big Bang Theory) are the most socially awkward people I know... I apologize if you are one of those people but, ew. I never want to watch either of those. Go watch The IT Crowd for good tv. It's on Netflix, you won't be disappointed. SO ANYWAYS.

 This shirt is called Hello Catamari! It's a mash-up of Hello Kitty and Beautiful Katamari. I love Hello Kitty (what girl doesn't?) and for those not in the know, Beautiful Katamari is a weird and colorful Japanese video game where you roll a ball around and collect shit. There's supposedly a plot (kinda) and you do have objectives, but mainly, it's really fun and colorful, like this shirt!


Bonus shot! My bf's hat :B

So there's that. I'm obviously playing catch-up. Yea.


  1. I love this shirt so much, you should check out The Yetee, they have a new shirt every day or so and for extra limited edition goodness they're only available for 24-48 hours. Though they do occasionally have Doctor Who shirts, sorry!

  2. Ah yes, one of the sites I frequent! I think I have a couple from there already, they may make an appearance in the future! :3

  3. Woohoo! I can't wait to see which ones you've accumulated. :D


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