Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hey again everybody, I felt like I had a bunch of random stuff to share so here it is lol.

First off I have some pics of two small hauls. The first one was for my birthday. My roommate works at the Disney Store so he got me the Villains nail collection for my birthday (and a plushie Maleficent yay).

Yes, these are pictures of the box because I'm a nerd and I love the drawings :3

I hope to have swatches soon!

Now these lovelies were from the day after my birthday. My bf and I went out to dinner at our favorite burger joint and we were watching the Giants play Game 1 of the NLDS series when they lost at home to the Reds. I was upset to say the least that they were losing, so the bf actually proposed we go to CVS so I could look at nail polish because he knew it would make me feel better. Isn't he sweet?! So this is what I picked up:
Left to right: L'Oreal The Temptress' Power and The Muse's Attitude; Revlon Wicked Star and Haunted Heart.

The L'Oreal ones were sitting there waiting for me at the L'Oreal Project Runway setup. Immediately after getting home I noticed Muse's Attitude and Maleficent from the Villains collection were miiiiighty similar... I'll have to compare them. Now I love Project Runway but I have no idea who is in the final. I always get into it in the beginning and then I start to get annoyed with all the drama and stop watching. Oops. The Revlons were also part of a new Halloween setup. I had to have that green and as for the orange... I didn't really need it since I have sooooo many oranges and this one is probably exactly like three other ones I can think of but it's Halloween themed and it's October and the Giants are in the playoffs so why not.

Another kind of haul here. My boyfriend was getting tired of seeing all my nail polish scattered in the living room, so I nonchalantly mentioned the Helmer from IKEA to him. So we went to IKEA and I was just going to get one since that's all I had money for, but he sweetly paid for a second one for me :)

YUUUP I got the red ones. They're awesome. Sorry I don't have pics of the inside, they're still a work in progress. I'm swatching all my colors onto nail wheels and it's taking a while so the Helmers are under construction for now. But as you can see I do have labels up! I'll get you pics of the inside soon.

These next two pictures show off how crafty I am! I practically making my Halloween costume because I hate the idea of spending like $70 on a store bought one that's just going to fall apart because it's cheaply made. So I try to make as much of my costume as usual. Actually, here's a picture of my costume from last Halloween:

That's my boyfriend on the left. He's dreamy. Can you guess what we're supposed to be?! The funny thing about our costumes was this was went we first started dating and I was planning on being Poison Ivy before he told me he was going as the Joker (he's like a mix between Heath Ledger's and Jack Nicholson's Jokers) so it was kind of like we mentally planned it that way cuz we're meant to be awww. Man I sure do love my hair and makeup. I sewed the ivy leaves onto my dress that way, and actually I did my bf's makeup that night too! Pretty sweet right?

Anyway, here's what I'm working on for this Halloween:

Again, I'm not entirely certain why blogger wants to rotate these on their sides. But anywhos, it's my staff! Can you guess who it belongs to?! It's actually all finished now and ready to go, I just don't have a picture of it, but really, you don't need one. Just imagine the second picture with the top ball part painted gold to match the bottom and you're good.

Lastly in my barrage of randomness is some awesome nail news from the sports world. I have grown to kind of forget about Brian Wilson from the Giants just because he's been injured all year and had to have Tommy John surgery and frankly I prefer Sergio Romo's closing abilities to Wilson's theatrics. Plus I'm really over the beard... it's looking a little... creepy. But I still enjoy some of Brian Wilson's crazy antics, this included:

Okay, this is why he is awesome. He takes team spirit and pride seriously. Admittedly his hair looks awful and as I said the beard is looking really creeptastic, but I love him for his nails. AWESOME. Here's an article going more in depth with the manicure. Please click the link that describes Wilson riding a scooter... it's too hilarious. All right, all right, you won me back a little bit Brian Wilson... but I still love Romo...


Okay well thanks for reading all this hoopla if you did! Stick around friends!


  1. Love the red Helmers - I already have a trip planned after payday)))So sweet for him to pay for the second one! Great costumes!!!

  2. Can you please show swatches of the Disney polishes? How terribly do they apply?

    1. Ah yes! I was working on swatches just a few minutes ago but I'll post them tomorrow, it's my bedtime now! :)


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