Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OPI Super Bass Shatter and Thoughts

Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA again, but I had been doing a lot of thinking in terms of this blog and obviously I changed some stuff around. I think the name Cherry Bomb is going to be better for my blog, because even though it might be generic and overused, it's definitely well-known and easier to remember than Pinupcherrymakeup (plus it's a lot shorter lol). I also think it will fit my personality a lot more. I feel like when I was writing at "Pinupcherrymakeup" I was more "prim and proper" and that's not me at all. I want to be able to swear like a sailor every now and then and not feel bad about it. If anyone has issues with foul language then let me know now so I can set the "Adult Content" option for this blog. The only reason I haven't yet is because I feel it's silly; we're all adults here, right? And I think it's stupid for people to be offended by nonsensical four-letter words. Anyway, I've rambled. Here's the mani I'm sporting at the moment. It's fuckin amazing. (That feels good lol).

This is OPI Super Bass Shatter over Zoya Mimi. I didn't include pictures of Mimi because a) the tips were way worn and b) the color was way off. Look on other blogs if you're curious about that color. The real star here is the shatter color. It's almost reminiscent of Clarins/Fantasy Fire methinks... Obviously it didn't shatter very well but I don't really mind because it looks like amazeballs. All pics are in the sun. Enjoy.

Holy shit, I love this manicure. I put the shatter over as an experiment before taking off Mimi and didn't really expect anything from it. But this... this is way beyond my expectations. It's fucking gorgeous and amazing, like it was sent from god itself. This is love.

I forgot to mention my blog address changed as well. You can obviously see it at the top, but just in case:

Hope I still have readers out there. Love you guys. Thanks.

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  1. I actually quite like how it's almost not shattered at all))


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