Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OPI DS Magic and Barielle Elle's Spell

Hey guys I have a nice backlogged photo for you! Please expect more lol. This mani was totally unplanned and I just happened to put the two together and it looks amazing. Whenever I lack inspiration for a manicure (specifically what color I should do) I always ask the boyfriend because why not. For this one he told me to do red, so I did red... kinda. Check out what I mean:

First I did 2 or 3 coats of OPI DS Magic which is a beautiful glass fleckish blue with a nice purple flash. I didn't get pictures of it on its own, sorry bout that. The over it I put Barielle Elle's Spell which is of course a red jelly flakie. These pictures are under artificial light.

I love this mani. I love that you can see the red and blue individually but still see them combined to make a purpleish tone.

Macro bottle shots:
Unfortunately that rainbow doesn't appear on the nail :(

Hope you guys enjoyed that, I know I did! Stick around for more :)

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