Thursday, October 11, 2012

Haze Glaze Sweet Tart

Hey girls and guys, guess what! THE GIANTS WON GAME 5!!!! YEAH and we're going to the NLCS!!! Now we just have to wait to see who wins the other NLDS series to see who our opponent will be. It's between the St. Louis Cardinals or the Washington Nationals. Personally I don't want to face either team but we'll see... Right now their series is also tied at 2 so they're going to a fifth game as well. On the other side of the league in the American League, the A's/Tigers series is also tied at 2 with Game 5 to be played tonight. I'm not an Oakland fan at all because there is only room in my heart for ONE Bay Area team, but I'm hoping the A's make it because I know we can beat them. Lol. As for the Evil Empire (the Yankees) and the O's (Baltimore Orioles) unfortunately the Evil Empire leads that series 2-1 with Game 4 being played tonight. All I can say is BEAT NYY. I hate the Yankees. Sorry if you like them but yuck. They're evil. Go O's! Hah okay I rambled on about baseball and no one out there is going to care. So on to the nail polish.

This is another one from indie Haze Glaze. You've already seen Flames which I loved over China Glaze Riveting, and now here's another that I love: Sweet Tart. It's funny cuz in the bottle I so wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. I also wore it alone, no undies. The only problem I have with Haze Glazes is the glitter sinks to the bottom of the bottle. But other than that, I love the ones I got! Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be making polishes anymore, so... anyway here it is:

These are under artificial light. I don't know why blogger wants to flip this picture on its side, but oh well. So this is a raspberry jelly base with big pink hex glitter, small pink and purple square glitter, small pink or silver hex glitter and finally tiny round glitters. A lot going on, which is why I loves it :)

Also I'm not sure why it photographed so dark in the first photo, I tried to lighten it a bit. The second photo is much more accurate but still a bit dark. I mean this polish isn't neon bright but it's not that dark either. It's possibly one of my favorites :3

Well, that's all for today! (Maybe...) Thanks guys!

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