Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Essie Navigate Her and Lush Lacquer Salt n Peppa

Hey guys, here are some pictures from a long ass time ago. I love this Essie polish even though I passed it up a thousand times before. I used a coupon and finally bought and I'm damn glad I did. Awesome green creme. Good base color for lots of other polishes, as witnessed here. The second polish is from Lush Lacquer, quite possibly one of my favorite indie brands. They have shit tons of colors at huge quantities and I love their color combos. Must... order... new... colors!!!! Seriously though I think I have like 20 from them already. Luuuurrrrrrve. I also lurve the name. Salt n Peppa... fuck yeah. Any song named "Push It" is all right in my book. See also Garbage and Static-X. So, polishes.

Ugh, lobster hands. I hate you. Pictures under indoor lighting.

Bottle shot:

Yay Lush Lacquer! They are on Esty so go check them out!

Watching this guy play Silent Hill: Homecoming on youtube. Helllllllla want to do my own Let's Plays. Too ambitious for my own good, HAH. Well, I AM a Libra. Sigh.

Thanks guys.

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