Thursday, October 11, 2012

EOTD 7/21/12 (Part I)

Haha oh this is reeeeeeeally late. Whatever, it's getting seen at least!!! You may be wondering why I'm up posting so early in the day. Well it's because the Giants are playing the all-important Game 5 in Cincinnati this morning and I have to be awake to cheer them on! I know this will sound gross (unless you're an avid sports fan like me) but I have worn the same shirt the last three days in a row as a good luck charm. So go Giants! This post isn't really Giants-related but in the finally picture I'm wearing a Giants shirt so I thought "Yeah, let's do it." Here we go:

What I used:
I actually have no idea! I thought I had it written down and apparently I did two different eye looks on this day and didn't write down what I used for this look. I'll post the other look after this. I'm pretty sure I used one of my Coastal Scents palettes. I know for sure the liner I used was one I created on my own, just don't know what it's called. So sorry bout that!

See? Giants shirt!

Two pictures! Another reason I'm posting these is because I had my orange hair! I loved that orange hair. I still have a bit of orange but most of it is purple now :)

Okay well stick around for the other look. And GO GIANTS! Thanks guys :)

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