Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EOTD 7/19/12

Yay more old posts! Argh, I have a mosquito bite on my side and it itches like crazy!! Stupid mosquitos... and stupid me! I don't think I wrote down what I used for this look, although you can be sure it was probably my Coastal Scents Color palette! I just don't know which colors, although I could probably figure it out if I go look at the palette and compare it to the picture, but I'm lazy and I doubt anyone will ask. So here's just the pictures!

I really liked this look. I'll try to recreate it and actually write down what I used because I love colorful looks like these.

Bonus shot! Obviously I was inspired by my Hello Catamari t-shirt with this look, plus I was goofing off and tried on my  bf's fedora hehe. I think it looks pretty good on me! But he has a ginormous head so it would never fit. And boo I already miss my orange hair :(

So perhaps that is it for today. I might post again but we'll see. I've become overcome with the desire and inspiration to do some crazy glam looks and I already have some ideas in mind so maybe I'll get working on that today. So stick around!


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