Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Villains Varnish Collection

Cheerio lads! Here we have the Disney Villains Collection swatches! I teased you with the box because I loved the drawings so much but since someone actually asked to see the swatches, I got my ass on it and swatched them all for your viewing pleasure! I also did a comparison so check it out:

Cruella De Vil is a beautiful sexy siren red creme. Shown here are two coats with a perfect formula. I'm not kidding, it was sooooo good. I know this color is boring to most nail polish lovers, but I love a good red creme. It's such a timeless color and adds instant sex appeal and confidence. First picture under artificial light, second with flash. Love this color.

Evil Queen really needs a name. Rebecca... after Rebecca de Winter from the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same name. Great novel, equally great movie directed by Hitchcock starring Laurence Olivier (swooon) and then unknown Joan Fontaine. I won't waste your time explaining the plot, just know Rebecca is a perfect name for this villain. Now that I've geeked out, here's the color. It's a beautiful black base with what looks like at first hot pink shimmer. But I felt like in different lights the color shifted from hot pink to red, which is why I included an extra picture to hopefully capture the color shift. Shown is two coats with the formula being slightly thick but not unmanageable. First picture under artificial light, second and third with flash. 

Maleficent is a fantastic blackened teal/green/blue. It's mostly green than blue with blackened edges. My camera could not pick up the color correctly so I had to use my camera on my phone instead. Shown is 3 coats with a slightly runny formula but again, not hard to work with at all, I just did thinner coats. Also here is where I have the comparison. 

Shown here is a comparison between L'Oreal's new shade called The Muse's Attitude (on pointer and ring finger) and Disney's Maleficent (on middle and pinky finger). They look identical in their bottles but on the nail, L'Oreal is more noticeably green while Disney looks more blue. Both in real life however are pretty green with L'Oreal edging the other out by a hair.

 Here's the comparison shown with camera flash. Again you can see the L'Oreal is ever slightly more green while the Disney looks more blue. Obviously if you were not a nail polish fanatic you could live with one and be happy about it. I'll keep both however since they're beautiful colors.

Mother Gothel is a vampy brown blood red. It looks red on the first coat but as you apply more coats to get coverage, it starts to look more brown. I don't know how I feel about this color. I was loving it on the first coat because I love vampy blood reds. But the fact that it looks almost brown in some lighting and almost black in low lighting kinda turns me off. Either way, it's super shiny and easy to apply. I did 3 thin coats and you can still see a bit of my nail which doesn't really bother me because it's hardly noticeable unless you were nitpicking. I just didn't want to do another coat because I was afraid it would make the color much darker. First picture under artificial light, second with flash. 

Queen of Hearts is a dirty, antique gold with a slight twinge of green. The first picture actually shows off a lot of that green when in reality, the color is not that green at all. I suppose I probably should have fixed that but I think the second picture shows the true color better, even though the color is slightly darker and more "dirty" if that makes sense. Also there are tiny specks of glitter which don't sink and gives the polish depth and shine. It's not difficult to remove like regular glitter. Shown here is 3 coats with a good formula. First picture under artificial light, second with flash.

Last and least, the abomination of this collection. Ugh. Ursula is an awful light purple/lavender streaky frost crapfest. It has the same smattering of glitter as Queen of Hearts but this glitter does sink as you can see on my pointer and pinky fingers and makes the polish look gritty. Not sure if top coat would remedy that problem, I kind of put the polish on, gagged and immediately removed it. Not that it would matter because the base color is still dreadful. Well actually the base color, the pretty soft lavender color is nice. What ruins it is the god awful frost. If Disney had made this color a dark purple like the color of her skirt in the drawing, it would have been better. This is just grotesque. The formula on this one was also the worst. Not really that terrible but still kinda goopy. Shown is 3 coats. First picture under artificial light, second with flash.

 Well there you have it! I'm really thankful that my roommate got this for me for my birthday because I do love it. I'm super inspired by the drawings to take up my villains makeup from last year. Also if you didn't know Disney is doing these ridiculously amazing and glamorous Villains Designer Dolls. Omfg I can't even stand how glamorous and beautiful these renderings are. If I had money to burn I'd totally pick up Maleficent... she's like a sexy S&M vixen with that corset. I also love the Queen of Hearts. I want her dress. Actually I want all their dresses. Lol. Cruella's doll is definitely the height of glam and fashion. And guess what! This varnish collection is on sale right now! It's only 25% off, but it's better than nothing I guess.

Okay now I have to go watch the Giants play Game 3 of the NLCS!! Be back in a sec though. :)


  1. Thanks for the swatches! I was going to get this, but the colors aren't really my thing. I am just such a sucker for Disney packaging!

    1. The packaging sure is awesome! There was a Disney Princess Polish collection a while back too, also with cute packaging. :)


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