Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Nails! Feat. Lynnderella Love Potion No. 99 and Confetti Purple Parade

Hey guys, it was my birthday last Friday! October 5th to be exact. I share a birthday with Kate Winslet (HOT) and Guy Pearce! All righty let's look at what I put on my nails for my birthday.

I wanted something insanely sparkly. I also wanted something purple because it's one of my favorite colors but also because (this is the real, more "practical" reason) I just colored my hair purple and the color is still coming off a bit and I don't want it staining my nails. If I just use purple polish, you can't really tell, haha.

I first was going to put on one of my new All That Glitters Halloween polishes, but I felt it wasn't sparkly enough plus it would have been too matchy with my hair (my hair is purple on top and orange on the bottom... the polish is a purple base with orange glitter... you'll see both soon enough.) Then I was thinking to put on Max Factor Fantasy Fire, but for some reason that didn't appeal to me either. And even though I've worn this polish before, I said fuck it and put on Lynnderella's Love Potion No. 99. I got this and three others (you've seen She Lived in a Swamp before) when Lynn was still on Llarowe and still only $15. We won't go too much into the drama because as a Libra I kinda hate drama but also kinda love it lol. Basically I hate the way she practices her "art" and sells it for a bajillion dollars on eBay, but I'd still buy her stupid polishes because they are pretty amazing. As a birthday treat for myself I might just fork over some money and buy some of her new polishes. Don't judge me!!!

ANYWAYS... the first time I wore this I did a different base color. It was pretty perfect in that the color went really well with the glitters but I felt it was a bit dark, so for this time I wore Confetti Purple Parade underneath.

Confetti Purple Parade, both pictures with flash. It's a great medium toned grape purple with blue and pink shimmer. Not bad for $1.99 at the drug store. 3 coats, beautiful application.

Now here's Lynnderella Love Potion No. 99, the first two pictures with flash. Purple square and hex glitters, magenta hex glitters and tiny holo round glitters in a slightly tinted purple base. Two coats of magic followed by two coats of Seche Vite to shine and smooth.

Sorry for these craptastic quality photos. I just took them today while the sun was out. I had to omit my pointer finger since it had an accident.

This one is blurred to show all the holographic sparkles. I love this polish.

Macro bottle shot to show the holo sprinkles and other glitters.

Even though she might have some whacked business practices, at least Lynn can sure turn out a fantastic and unique glitter polish.

I've already talked enough in this post so I'll tell you more about my day in my next post, which will feature my makeup for the day :)

Thanks guys. <3

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