Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Makeup!

Hey hey, so now we're gonna look at my eye makeup for my birthday! It wasn't anything too mind blowing but still I love purple eyeshadow so there you go.

For my birthday, my boyfriend Ariel and I got up and made breakfast together. Haha super nerdy but hear me out. Usually we make breakfast together on Sundays since Saturdays we usually get all the grocery shopping and errands done so Sunday is the lazy day to wake up late and eat bacon. I'm not much of a cook but damn, I sure can make bacon! I love doing it because I feel like I can get the perfect combo of still a bit soft but nice and crunchy but not too crunchy. Whenever I happen to let the bacon go too long and it gets super crispy, my boyfriend knows those ones are for him. He loves super burned and crispy bacon for some reason. So anyway, he made me over-easy eggs and we had breakfast, got ready and he took me to see a movie. Frankenweenie!!!! I loved it. It was so cute and maybe predictable but I still cried and loved it. I haven't seen the original which is sad because the dog is a bull terrier and I love those dogs! My boyfriend's parents have a bull terrier named Miko! She's adorable. Anyway, after the movie, Ariel took me to our favorite place for a burger called Big Mouth Burger and while we were still full from breakfast, he got me a chocolate milkshake which is my favorite! After that we went home and I took a nap for an hour or so then we got fancy for dinner. He took me to one of my favorite Italian restaurants called Mezzaluna and I had the salmon ravioli which was delicious as usual. He ordered the gnocchi which was also really good. For dessert we got some tiramisu which was yummy. Before we headed home we picked up my best friend from her house and went home to watch the greatest movie ever: Vampire's Kiss. OMFG it is awful and amazing all at once. Nicolas Cage is fucking crazy and it's fantastic to watch. So I'd say I had a pretty good birthday. Nothing too crazy (I mean, when you get to 26, you start to prioritize lol) but it was still fun and I did everything I wanted to do on my birthday.

If you're still with me (or if you just skipped down to the pictures, I won't be angry if you did) here's how I did my eyes.

What I used:
Inner lid: BE Azure Iris
Lid: BE Romp
Outer crease: BE Daring
Highlight: BE 500 Thread Count

I don't really remember what I did for eyeliner, I think it just dusted a little black shadow along my lash line. I also just realized I didn't take a picture of the whole picture so here's a different one. This is from the day after I colored my hair. Pretty sweet, right? I love it :)

Well guys, that's what I did for my birthday. Stick around because I've got eye looks from when I went to lunch with my family lol. Now I have to go eat because I'm starving.

Thanks guys :)

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  1. Happy belated Birthday :D
    I love your makeup and your hair!!! OMG I adore the purple!~


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