Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OPI Green-wich Village and Lacquistry Golf Shorts

I failed to mention in my last post that that mani was meant to be a St. Paddy's themed mani. Pretty good color combo, wouldn't you say? Anyway, here's what I had for the actual day. The first swatch is an older one since I've shown it on here before and figured that one picture would suffice. The second polish is amazeballs. You'll find out why. It took me this long to post because I was tryna wait for more sun to emerge so I could capture better pictures but the sun hid a lot... So these will have to do I guess...

OPI Green-wich Village
Lovely granny apple green cream. A little thin but three coats is my usual anyway.

Lacquistry Golf Shorts
Lacquistry has been all over blogs for a while, so here's another mani to go with the rest! I love this combo for St. Paddy's! Not gonna lie though, this baby was a bit thick, but at least it was easy to get glitter on the nail!

Please excuse the tip wear in these next pics, again, I was waiting for sun to come out! Alas, no.

Pathetic cloudy light shot. Ugh. Still pretty though!

Bottle shot I looove yoooou!! There's tiny orange glitter, medium green/holo hex glitter, and large green hex glitter. The best glitters!

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Stay tuned for a crapload of backlogged posts!

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