Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Zoya Calypso

Hey guys! Sorry for the long time between my last post, a lot has been happening! So first and foremost, false alarm about the whole break-up thing. We are back together! After like two days of being "single", the bf decided he wasn't making the right choice and we talked it over and we're gonna work stuff out. Yay!

The Giants are continuing to lose badly so I'm convinced that this season is over. It's still early, but there's no way, not with everyone of value injured and those who are supposed to be producing runs are not. So, we gave it a good go as defending world champs, but this season is not happening. All I keep thinking though is the Niners and Sharks are DUE. Let's get some more champs in the Bay Area!!

Now this post is gonna be short. Partly because I don't want to take too much time up but also because I don't have a lot to say about this color. "Ick" would be the appropriate thing to say. Here's Zoya Calypso. It's OPI Melon Of Troy all over again. This color is awful. It's a tad better because there's a little more pink and not as much peach, but there's still a lot of peach, and I just hate it. Also it's nice because it's not as frosty, it actually has a nice bit of shimmer, but it ultimately looks a bit frosty. Yuck.

Indoors with flash:

Okay guys, that's it for me today, see you tomorrow maybe!?

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Theatre de la Rebellion

Okay guys, seriously, prepare your eyeballs for epic awesomeness!! For reals, this is one of my favorite new shirts from Tee Fury. I love Star Wars. Who doesn't?! (Actually, unbelievably there are people who do no like Star Wars... blasphemy!!!) I also greatly appreciate the art of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter/artist. This is a friggin awesome mash-up of the two. As I said, prepare your eyeballs for epic awesomeness!!!!


Oh haiiiiii tattoo!

Hey, look at the biggest nerd ever!!! I seriously wore this shirt and my hair like that in public. I'm not ashamed.

To give you a reference, this is what the original artwork inspiration looks like:

Alfons Mucha, La Dame aux Camélias circa 1896

It's pretty close, and so appropriate for a nice Star Wars mash-up! I love it!!!

Okay kiddies, I really feel like writing so I'll catch you on the flip side!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: ULTA Purple Reigns

Hey kids. Sad day. And this time it's not because the Giants lost (which they did, ugh, but that's another story). Sorry to spew all my emotions and drama like this on a blog, but it needs to be said, especially because I'm the kind of person to wear my heart on my sleeve and if I'm upset about something, you'll know it.

Anyway, I'll make it brief. My boyfriend of two years broke up with me today. It's weird because I'm actually not as broken up about it as I thought I'd be. I already cried a little and I expect more will come later, but right now I feel oddly okay. I feel extremely jaded about relationships and break ups. I dunno, I guess this one wasn't meant to be and I'll find someone else and blah-dy blah. That's all there is to it I suppose. Now let's look at a really pretty nail color!

Here's ULTA Purple Reigns. A gorgeous red-grape purple with lovely shimmer. I believe this is three coats of nice, even coverage and formula. I hate the square caps by the way.

With flash:

Outside, overcast/with flash:

Sorry if the last two are dodgy, the weather was not cooperating obviously. Well, that's all I feel like doing for today, hope you lovies had a better day than me anyway!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

EOTD: 8/9/2011

Hello beautiful and hopefully not sick like me people out there!!! Omg last night was the worst. I hate trying to sleep when I'm sick, it's so futile. I really should have taken Advil PM or something but I didn't want to feel groggy on top of being sick since I had to go to work. And I had to go to work, one because I didn't want another point on my attendance record and two because I had appointments coming in at 6 that I had to do. It's weird, the entire day I pretty much felt like ultimate crap and somehow I had some tea and took something for my headache and when 6 rolled around I felt a lot better. Right now I'm back to feeling awful, so count me in for some more tea! Another thing I hate about being sick; I can't cuddle! D: I love cuddling with the bf but since I don't want to get him sick it's not happening! Boo! Well here's a nice eye look I did a couple weeks back... I can't believe it's already August 20th... eeekkkk.

Inner lid: Bright Future. Middle lid: Exotic Victoria. Crease: Humid. Highlight: Soul. Top liner: Blacktrack.

I think I have BE Avant-Garden blush on my cheeks and I know for a fact I have BE Pretty Amazing in Allure on my lips, my new fave!

I really love this look because I was looking for a way to incorporate Exotic Victoria into something as I haven't used that color in a while and it's just ace!

Well, seeing as how I'm off tomorrow (YAAAAAY) I might just take some Advil PM to help me sleep...

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice

Hey lovely readers, tonight will be a short one since I feel really crappy. I told you about going to seasonal school a couple days ago? Well, one of the girls from another location decided to show up sick, and I think maybe I'm feeling a little of what she had??? My throat is sore and I have a headache and my cheeks are a bit hot! Ugh!!! Also, I had to sign this thing at work today basically saying I won't contact clients outside of the store and if I post things on a social networking site, I must be conscious of what I'm saying so as not to get fired! So, if you all didn't know, I work for Bare Escentuals. Most of the stuff you see and will see on this blog has been purchased by me. If I received it as gratis or in any other way, I will be sure to tell you. Okay? Cool.

Now here's the real post. I saw this color I think on Scrangie's blog and immediately nipped on over to Walgreen's after work and found a bottle! ACCCKKKKK I love orange and black nail polish!!!!! Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice is a small orange glitter in a black jelly base. I thought I could get away with it on its own like Scrangie did but I much preferred it over black, and I used OPI Black Onyx to achieve that.

With flash:
(ZOMG my right hand!!!! O_o)

In sunlight:

In shade and blurred:

Isn't it beautiful?! I figured I needed to post this particular polish seeing as my boys lost tonight. -_- le sigh. They need to turn it around and get hot STAT. Hopefully this brings them some good luck!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

EOTD: 8/5/2011

Hello again, back here with an eye and face look! Yee! I love this look because I love Glamourista! The prettiest green! I hate that people think because you have green eyes you shouldn't wear green eyeshadow. Wrong-o. If you're like me, then you wear whatever freaking color on your eyes that you want! The one color I don't wear a lot of is brown. Meh, I don't really care for brown eyeshadow. Not my bag. Well anyway, here's the look.

Inner lid: Creme de la Creme. Outer lid/crease: Glamourista. Highlight: Soul. Top liner: Blacktrack.

I can't remember what's on my cheeks but on my lips is Marissa Buxom. I kinda like that color! Man my color needs to be done hellza badly!

Thanks for looking love bugs!

Nail Polish Suicide: Forever 21 Love & Beauty Coral

Hey kiddos, how was hump day for everyone? I'm just enjoying some Twilight Zone on Netflix! Yesterday I went to Bare Escentuals corporate for our seasonal training! I got to see all the new goodies for holiday! So excited! But first some nails! I received a lot of compliments on this baby, and I love when I can tell people it's just a cheapo polish from the mall! It's Coral from Forever 21 Love & Beauty. It was smooth and covered nicely in two coats. The pictures are god-awful on color. It looks awfully orange but I assure you, it is coral! Orange with a strong hint of pink! This beaut has also got a nice gold shimmer throughout.

With flash:

 In sunlight:

 In shade:

So yes, I hope you were thinking of coral as you were looking at those pictures! It's not orange, I swear! Well time to change my nail polish again! I get bored so quickly. LOL. Have a good Thursday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

MAC Palettes

Hey there, here's a fun post! Heart Kristel posted her MAC palettes on her blog as a fun way to show off your MAC eyeshadows. She invited anyone else with MAC palette to do the same, so here I am. I don't have a lot since I have a CRAPLOAD of BE eyeshadows but I love these just the same, especially since they're easier to travel with if I want more of a variety (but that is soon to be remedied by Bare Escentuals... shhhhhh, solid eye shadow coming in October!!!! Eeep!!!).

Some purples/pinks...

Some blues/teals...

The rest...

I also included my quads from previous collections:

From the Spring Colour Forecast Collection, Colour 3 which was purple.

From their Fabulous Felines Collection, this is Leopard Luxe.

From their Fabulous Felines Collection, this is Palace Pedigreed.

From their Fabulous Felines Collection, this is Burmese Beauty.

I have only three of the pigments, after those three I decided that it's entirely too much product that I'll never use so I stopped buying them. Does MAC give samples of the pigments? I'd much rather do that than buy an entire huge pot of a color that I only sorta like. Anyway, I still have two other colors to de-pot for my palettes, one is Da Bling and the other is Tissueweight. I don't think I'll de-pot Tissueweight though. You can sorta tell which shadows I de-potted cuz they're kinda broken in some places lol. SO yes, that's my MAC collection. I have lipsticks and maybe three lipglosses, but that's about it! I love BE blush and foundation too much to stray from that. So with that said, show me your MAC palettes!

Song I'm Obsessed With Right Now: From Autumn To Ashes "Take Her To The Music Store"

Hey guys. Sad day. The Giants lost in the 9th inning to the Braves. Brian Wilson blew it. Needless to say, I'm really upset. I'm listening to a lot of screaming right now since I can't scream myself. Most people would say to me, "Why are you so upset? It's just a game." Well, sorry, but to me, it's not "just a game". Instead of god, I have faith in baseball. On my facebook page I even listed "baseball" as my religion. It's that serious. I love it when my boys do well and feel absolutely crushed when they lose, especially in a game like today's. We were up 4-2!!! Ack, such a heartbreaker. I can't think about it anymore. Here's the song I'm listening to to help calm me down. I love this song, it's one of my favorites from their first album, Too Bad You're Beautiful. It's also too bad that their sound isn't like this anymore... oh well, what are you gonna do?

Enjoy the screaming, I know I do :)

Be right back with real posts, right after I mourn the awful loss we just suffered at the hands of our closer...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

EOTD: 8/4/2011

Hey love bugs, another eye look yahoo! This one includes my favorite color to use on my eyes, purple of course! Take a look!

Inner lid: Quite Spoiled. Middle lid: Angel. Outer lid/crease: Grape Pigment blended with Palace Pedigreed. Highlight: Cultured Pearl. Top liner: Blacktrack.

Cheeks and lips? No idea. But my hair looks pretty sweet! :D

Well, time for bed my lovies! I'm awake past my bedtime as it is.

Thanks for looking!