Thursday, May 26, 2011

Song I'm Obsessed With Right Now: Alice In Chains "Nutshell"

Just being quite pensive and writing a little tonight, I usually get like this around the wee hours of the morning, and I wanted to share with you guys a song/video I'm totally obsessed with right now. It's "Nutshell" by Alice In Chains and the video is from their "Unplugged" session on MTV (which they should totally bring back!!). For those not in the know, the lead singer, Layne Staley died of a drug overdose in 2002, so this song for me at least is very haunting and it really strikes a chord in me. In 2005 Alice In Chains was reborn with a new lead singer and a new album Black Gives Way To Blue, and while the bf really enjoys that album, I just can't get over the fact that it's not Layne's voice coming through the speakers. Anyway, here's the video.

<3 you Layne.


Some Hauls...

Hi everyone, again sorry for the lack of posting, I am just really not in the mood for it without my nice camera!! But I have some lovely camera phone pictures so you can see the recent hauls I've pulled!

The biggest one was my Zoya polish exchange haul which I am only now posting, sorry!

Top row, left to right: Roxy, Yasmeen, Rihana, Valerie, Fawne, Jenine, Sweet, Happi, Meadow, Felicity, Gigi, Tiffany and Bijou.
Bottom row, left to right: Zara, Tallulah, Ivanka, Midori, Sienna, Gwin, Annie, Ginger, Calypso, Persiphony, and Clara.

Man, that's a lot of polish! If you notice, I got lots of bright, fun summery colors!! I loooove all the orange colors I got, I adore orange nail polish!!

The Nars polishes I received from, the Nina and Orly I got at Sally's and the OPI's were from Pure Beauty.

Left to right: Nars Orgasm, Purple Rain and Poker Face; Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing; Orly Here Comes Trouble; OPI Black Shatter, Silver Shatter, Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides, Planks A Lot, and Sparrow Me The Drama.

I was the MOST excited to get Nars Poker Face, but Orgasm was the first one I slapped on and I loved it! I'll try it again once I get the camera back to show you lovely pictures! And I finally cracked (PUN INTENDED) and got the black and silver shatter. In all honesty I probably won't use them too much, maybe once in a while if I feel creative but we'll see.

These last ones I got at ULTA, three of them on clearance! Woot!

Left to right: ULTA Professional Underground and Urban Jungle; Nicole by OPI Nicole... Spotted!; Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Cherry Smash.

I got the ULTA ones on clearance marked down from $7.50 to $3.75 for Underground and $1.99 for Urban Jungle!!! And for the Nicole it was marked down from $7.99 to $1.99!!!! I also had a 20% off coupon which I had hoped to use on fragrance (CK One Summer!!! <3 it!) but alas it wasn't valid for fragrance, so I just used it on the Sally Hansen crackle, which I only got because it's named "Cherry Smash", lololol I love cherries!

So that's all I have to show you, I'm going to try to not drown myself in the bathtub because my Giants lost again tonight in a really close game!!! Ugggghhhh I hate the Marlins! Those jerks... But anyway, I'm watching "Anastasia" on Netflix... no, not the animated one (although I LOVE that movie) but the older version with Ingrid Bergman... I love old movies!! Hope everyone has a good tomorrow...


Monday, May 16, 2011

CK One Summer 2011 Review

Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since a post, but I'm still without a camera. Sad times. So here's a review on Calvin Klein's One Summer fragrance for this year! I was walking in Macy's trying to find this year's Burberry Summer and this bottle caught my eye.

OMG it's so bright and colorful!!! <3 So if you're not aware, CK One fragrances are unisex, which is why it's called "One" because "one fragrance to rule them all..." no wait that's a different story. Anyways, the bottle drew me in, as it happens with most fragrances with me (OOH SHINY) but it also helps when the fragrance actually smells good too and isn't just a pretty bottle. says about CK One Summer: "CK One Summer limited edition for 2011 is an aromatic citrus, refreshingly clean scent, suitable for both sexes. It captures the energy of dance beach parties with its vivid aromas. Opening with notes of citruses, tangerine, melon and aquatic ferns, the composition develops into the heart of lemon, ocean accord, blue freesia, verbena and rhubarb, settling at the base of incense, cedar, musk and peach. The iconic CK One bottle is painted in intensive blue, red and yellow shades. The fragrance is available as 100 ml EDT." The opening notes of citrus is pretty strong but not undesirable, it smells incredibly fresh. There is a very slight musky, masculine smell to it which I find irresistible. It screams summer beach bonfires to me. And I NEED to have it. Mainly because it's limited edition, but also because I lurrrves it.

I also did a great EOTD today inspired by the bottle! But of course, I am sans camera so you shall have to wait to see it...

Hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully I can get things up and running again once I get the camera back, I've got a great idea for all my nail polish untrieds...


Sunday, May 8, 2011 Anniversary Event 20% off coupon

Hey guys, I just read this on Ice Queen's Nail Parlour about having an anniversary event starting on Tuesday the 10th at 12:01am and ending on Friday the 13th (!!!I didn't know it was going to be Friday the 13th!!!) at 11:59 pm where you receive 20% off your entire purchase! What's even better is you get free shipping for purchases over $25!! I already know what I want; NARS polishes!! I've been pining for Pokerface for a while and happens to have it!! I would get more MD Formulations stuff (Bare Escentuals used to sell the whole line and now we don't, only a few things) but really, the only thing I love from MD Formulations is the Oil Control Pore Refiner and they don't have it :(

More sad news: the Sharks just lost game 5 which means now we have to go to game 6 in Detroit!! UGHHH they do this every year!!! They always make the playoffs as like the number 1 or 2 seed and then they choke and get eliminated. I really hope they win on Tuesday, I was feeling like this is their year!!!! COME ON SHARKS!!

Hope everyone's Mother's Day/just another Sunday is going well!!


Dresses from Macy's

Yo yo, here are some super cute dresses I got on sale from Macy's today! I like the dresses from Macy's better than ones from Forever 21, they're made better and fit me better, I feel like all Forever 21's stuff is for super skinny people or girls who don't have ample chests. Anyway, got some more summer dresses and I think I'm ready!

Be Bop
Another nice black front zipper dress from Be Bop, this one has cap sleeves though and no pockets :( But I still like it a lot!

Planet Gold
These next ones are from a brand called Planet Gold and they're just really simple knit dresses with a tie in the back. I love simple, staple pieces like these so I usually get them in a few different colors. The first one is black of course for work.

Planet Gold
This color is more of a greyed navy than the picture is showing, it's really a nice and unexpected color, but I don't have another dress this color so I added it to my collection.

Planet Gold
This picture shows the purple color pretty true, it's very much a grape purple. I love to wear purple, so natch I had to get this one.

Planet Gold
I also adore stripes and grey, so this was a good pick. There was another striped one but it was white with a black stripe and I just like the soft grey color of this one better.

Planet Gold
Here you can see the tie in the back.

Be Bop
The last one from Be Bop is my favorite from today, it's incredibly cute on. If you enlarge you may be able to see the adorable ruffle around the top. And the color is pretty true, maybe it's not that bright in real life but it's a rich turquoise/teal color.

And sorry for all the crappy quality pictures of late, my stepmom needed to use the good camera for work and that's what I usually use to take pictures, so lately I've had to use my camera phone. Hopefully she's done with it soon, it's been like a week or so! I miss it :(

I hope everyone has a good Mother's Day tomorrow! I'm not a mom (unless you count my cats) but I have to work anyways... :(


Saturday, May 7, 2011

EOTD: 4/21/2011

Good evening and happy Saturday night! Hopefully everyone is having a fun, safe Saturday night. I am home alone watching MLB Network and yelling at Andre Eithier every time they show him on tv (he's a Dodger BOOOOOOOO) and so excited because the Giants won again against the Rockies! OOH I hope they win tomorrow, that would be awesome! And I hope the Sharks win tomorrow too!! YAY SPORTS AGAIN! Btw, Diet Crush Orange is freakin delicious if you are looking for a good diet soda without the gross taste!

Here's a look from a couple weeks ago, I really like it! But of course, I love purple shadow :)

Products: Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer palette starred colors, BE Thoughtful e/s and BE Spellbound e/s

I used Thoughtful on the inner corner first, then CS shadow no. 2 all over the lid with CS shadow no. 3 blended in the crease. I used Spellbound as my highlight and applied CS shadow no. 1 to the inner crease. Lastly I used Blacktrack to line.

I love this picture, my hair looks flippin fabulous!

Zomg I love the VW commercial where the little blonde boy is trying to bust the car piñata!! He's trying so hard, aww... and then the adult comes in with his sissy swings... I've seen better swings on a porch!! Haha. Anyway, I have another clothing haul for you, Macy's was having a sale so I got some more cute dresses! Haha I think I'm set for the summer for dresses!


Dresses from Target

WOW I spoke entirely too soon, the Giants just came from behind in the 8th inning to WIN the game!!!!!! GAH my boys are so clutch!! YEAH! Beat the Rockies!! Unfortunately the Sharks lost tonight, but they're still up in the series 3-1. Now they're coming home to hopefully win and move on to the next round! WHOO SPORTS!

So today was my monthly Target/ULTA trip, lol. I was so excited to go to Target because I wanted to see if they had any more cute summer dresses, and they didn't disappoint! My wallet was unhappy, but I'm happy for a new summer wardrobe!

Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress - Purple Floral
I love the color of this dress and I love the vintage floral print. The best part? These all have pockets!!!

Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress - Vintage Floral
So this is the same idea dress as the purple only black and the floral print is slightly different.

    Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress - Peach Praire
    I'm pretty sure that's the color name, it wasn't online and the tag says "PCH PRAIRE" so I guessed "PCH" stood for "peach" but they spelled "prairie" wrong if that's what they meant. Still, a cute dress reminiscent of a good 90's floral. I see myself wearing this with a cute cardigan, black tights and my black combat boots. Throwback fo sho.

    Xhilaration Juniors Sleeveless Dress - Orange Ikt (?) Dots
    That's what the name says on the website, but I dunno what "Ikt" stands for. And I basically only got this one because it's orange and black (and white and grey) which are, of course, Giants colors!!! Winning!

    Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Broken Twill Dress - Dream Wash
    This dress is a dream! It was the first one I tried on and it set the tone, definitely. It's so ridiculously adorable, I can't wait to dress it up with cute vintage inspired accessories! It's also not as blue as my picture is showing, it's a bit more of a faded denim look. This is the last dress that has pockets, the rest do not.

    Xhilaration Juniors Nautical Stripe Coverup Dress - Green/White
    This one and the next one are meant to be swimsuit cover ups, and I stretched them out with another hanger so you can see how it criss crosses in the back. I especially love this one because it's striped and there's an adorable anchor on the bottom!

    Xhilaration Juniors Hawaiian Fade Coverup Dress
    I couldn't find this one online, so I dunno what color combo they're going with, but when I saw this the first time I was instantly drawn to it because of the colors, but I wasn't sure if it was really my style. Well, I'm glad I got over that, because I really do love the colors, plus I can always use more of these light summer dresses.

    Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Dress - Purple Play
    I love these kinds of dresses for when I don't want to show off my arms, and they always come in nice bright, summery colors! This one is a light brighter than my picture shows but it's still a more muted greyish purple, goes really well with my hair color!

    Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Dress - Avalon Sea
    This one is a really rich teal blue color, it's such a gorgeous color!

    Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Kimono Sleeve Dress - Pink Foil
    A nice bright bubble gum pink shade. I actually wore this to last year's Gay Pride Parade in SF and I accidentally got bbq sauce on it and it came right out in the wash when I pre-treated it with Resolve or whatever, so yay!

    Be Bop Dress, V-Neck Wide Waist Zip Front Tank - Very Pink/Black
    This one I actually got at Macy's and it's not as bright as that but it's still freakin adorable. I love the zipper down the front (and yes, it's an actual working zipper) and there's pockets!!! I also have this in black for work, and I usually wear it with a belt and it looks amazing. I'm tempted to get it in the grey/black combo too since it's on sale right now...

    Last thing... I saw this as I was walking by The Disney Store today and had to have it. It was $10!!! I love it, it's so incredibly adorable, I can't even stand it. They had other ones, like Tinkerbell (whom I LOATHE btw), Tiana from The Princess and The Frog, and Toy Story (which I got for my friend, she loves Buzz Lightyear) but if you're going to use it as a beach towel, wouldn't it be wrong NOT to get The Little Mermaid????

    Well, I need to paint my nails before I go to sleep, so I'll see you peeps tomorrow! Sleep well...


    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Random swatches including L'oreal, Cover Girl, OPI, NYC, and Le Chat

    Hey errrebody how's your Friday? I'm über bored at home, but it's for the best! I need to stop going out every weekend and drinking so much beer... better on my wallet and beer belly! I need to get rid of that thing fast or else I'm going to get someone coming up to me asking when I'm due... ugggghhhh. I'm also extremely frustrated with my Giants right now, their offense isn't doing so hot! We can't get any runs and everyone of value is freakin injured. FML!!!!!!

    So anywhatsits, here are some random old nail polishes that are from my giant nail polish "inheritance".

    L'oreal Bijou Gems B. Vibrant
    Man I love me some orange nail polish. This one is great, although I don't know if I necessarily need it since I already have so many great oranges. But I'll still probably keep it.

    OPI Melon Of Troy
    Feast your eyes on the only nail polish shade that looks terrible on me. I'm the kind of person who couldn't care less if something is the right/wrong tone for my skin, I just wear whatever I like and makes me happy. This color is the very antithesis of that. It's a frosty nightmare and the color just looks matronly. BUT even my bf's mom hates this color and she's in her sixties. So basically, the worst color ever in everdom.

    Cover Girl Nailslicks Winelighting over OPI Melon Of Troy
    I wanted to see how this polish looked over the god-awful-ness of Melon Of Troy and it's better but I'm not keeping Melon Of Troy just for this. I love Winelighting though, I remember wearing this in high school!

    Cover Girl Continuous Color Gold-Mine
    I don't understand the hyphen. Hey look! Another awful polish! So frosty and streaky... ughh. The color isn't bad, it reminds me of champagne or something, but whyyy does it have to be frosty??? YUCK.

    Cover Girl Nailslicks Winelighting over Cover Girl Continuous Color Gold-Mine
    Well, that's a little better. I may consider keeping Gold-Mine because as I said I like the color, I just hate the frosty finish, but it looks nice with Winelighting over it, more like pink champagne now!

    NYC 107A
    This one is pretty unique looking! It's a light purple with an abundance of silver glitter throughout.  I thought it was going to be terrible because there's a gross-looking stain or something on the bottom and back side of the bottle which you can kinda see near the bottom of the bottle if you click to enlarge. It kinda looks like mold? Well it doesn't matter because the polish applied nicely and the color is still intact. Loving this one!

    Le Chat Purple Passion
    Obvi this is horribly photoshopped but it shows the true color better. Another frosty one, but this one I don't mind as much since it looks more metallic on the nail, I guess?? Whatevs it's a gorgeous purple but the cap sucks! It's awful for application because it's short and stubby and oddly shaped.

    So there you go, old polishes yeah! My Giants are behind right now. No runs, of course! KILLIN ME SMALLS.

    In case you were wondering, the Stone Temple Pilots and Static-X stations I created on Pandora are awesome. Represent.


    A Haul and Some Pictures!

    So this will probably be my last one for the night since, like I said, I have to get up early tomorrow and I want to get more that 6 hours of sleep... errrk... BUT that probably won't happen since I just now discovered that Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is on Netflix Instant Watch!!! That's right!! One of my favorite movies ever, I just love Paul Newman and Liz Taylor to bits!! Fun fact: the movie was supposed to be shot in black and white but the studio changed it to Technicolor to highlight Newman's baby blue eyes and Taylor's violet ones. And you sure do get an eyeful of both! (Pun intended.)

    Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

    Paul Newman in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

    GAH they're both incredibly gorgeous and good-looking. Now on to the real post...

    A mini haul from my mall, from Forever 21 and Pure Beauty.

    From left to right: Love & Beauty Pink, Clear/Silver, and Dusty Blue; OPI Femme De Cirque mini set including I Juggle...Men, So Many Clowns...So Little Time, In The Spot-Light Pink, and Step Right Up!

    I looked online out of curiosity for the nail polishes I picked up and they had names (kinda) for the Love & Beauty ones! Unfortunately I couldn't find the pink one on the website since it's hard to tell which pink it is among ten different pinks (this one has gorgeous purple shimmer!) and the sku's don't match. But for the Clear/Silver, on the website they list it as "Glamorous Glitter" and they aren't kidding. It should be named "Insane Glitter" because there's a TON of holo glitter. For the Dusty Blue they list it as "Sunlit Waves" and I love that name! So appropriate. I saw this and immediately had to have it ever since I saw it on Yacking about Lacquer's blog (aren't her nails gorgeous?) and I happened to find it at my local Forever 21.

    For the OPI ones, I honestly wasn't planning on getting these except for maybe I Juggle...Men but Pure Beauty happened to have this nifty little set of minis for $12.50 which is a bargain in my opinion for sheer colors that I probably won't really use anyway, but they're definitely nice to have for those random days when I do fancy a French mani on myself. I'll probably end up picking up the full size of I Juggle...Men at a later time.

    Okay, so now it's sleep time. I need a ridiculous amount of sleep to function the next day (no I don't I'm just saying that, I'm perfectly hyper even after only 4 fours of sleep, but I do love to sleep.) My bf always says if sleeping were an Olympic sport, I'd have 50 gold medals. LOLZ. Good night moon!


    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Comparison: OPI At Your Quebec And Call vs. Borghese Euro Green

    I loved OPI's At Your Quebec And Call for the longest time and wanted it so bad! When I finally got it, however, since it's black label it was very water and sheer and even though I loved the color, I think I'm leaning towards giving it up, especially since I found a pretty good dupe in Borghese Euro Green. Check them out!

    OPI At Your Quebec And Call on top
    Borghese Euro Green on bottom

    Borghese Euro Green on left 
    OPI At Your Quebec And Call on right

    Borghese Euro Green with matte topcoat

    Pretty close right? Both have that gorgeous olive green/gold shimmer and both glow like crazy. I did three coats of OPI and two of Borghese. Because Borghese is easier to find and I managed two coats rather than three, you can guess which one I like better, especially since it's free of all those nasty chemicals. And of course, I threw China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat over it to see how it looked and it's gorgeous, natch! It looks like a patina, so pretty.

    Have you tried OPI's discontinued shade? Do you like weird olive tones on your nails? I do!

    I keep thinking it's Friday night, ugh. I need to get to bed soon since I have to wake up early for work tomorrow... bleh. Have a good night!


    EOTD: 4/20/2011

    Here's a makeup look! From 4/20... haha oh jeez. Now I'm not an advocate for pot, but I don't condemn it either. My mom legitimately needs to smoke to get to sleep because she has terrible insomnia! Well, anyways, here's what I did...

    Products used: Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer palette top shadow and bottom shadow colors, MAC Chill e/s, BE Spellbound e/s and MAC Jewel Blue e/s.


    Essie Burmese Ruby and Glamour Do

    Here's a couple of old polishes from who knows where. Probably one from the lady my mom used to go to to get her nails done, and the other I found in the linen closet lol. Here's what they look like!

    Essie Burmese Ruby
    So this one probably came from a dusty rack in the nail salon because it's an old bottle. But the color is still lovely as ever! You can see the little gold shimmers in the bottle, and while it's not as prominent on the nail, it still gives a lovely glowing ember kind of look to the polish. This was two coats.

    Essie Glamour Do
    This one I happened to find in the linen closet so I swooped in on it to try it, and even though I'm not a huge fan of sheers, I rather like this! I love how soft, squishy and feminine it looks. I probably wouldn't wear it alone (unless that was the look I was going for) so I'd use it for a French, definitely. I don't have many colors like this, so I'd like to hang on to it, especially since it was free and the formula was nice.

    Thanks for reading! More to come...


    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Hot Topic Nail Polishes

    Hello hello one and all, it's been a long weekend for me! Haha, well I had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off! So natch I didn't have a chance to post anything, so here comes a big ole collection of posts. We'll start with some oooolllldddd Hot Topic polishes that my sister gave me.

    Hot Topic Blue Star Polish
    I dunno if that's its actual name, but it does say that on the label on the back. These are ancient! I haven't seen anything like these in Hot Topic ever, but like I said my sister gave me these. This one is awful! It's so sheer. I think this is three coats. I did try layering it, but it still looked so plain, not like the Creative Nail Design Plum Puckered Out, now that looks amazing!

    Hot Topic Red Star Polish
    This one didn't have a label on the back, but considering how the Blue one was named, I just made this one up to match. Anyway, you can't really tell in the photo (or maybe you can) but this color is flippin' gorgeous! It's very glowy and rich, and while there are probably 243871097378 reds like this, I still love it! I'm definitely keeping this one.

    Yay for old polish! Haha. And YAY for the SHARKS! OMG they're only one game away from moving on the next round!! Ack I hope they keep it up! Anyone else watching hockey? Or baseball?? Go Giants! They won today too! Yay!!