Saturday, October 15, 2011

A-Z Untrieds: G: Gelt Me To The Party by Barielle

Hey guys! Just a quick post before I hit the hay, yes I'm attempting to go to sleep early, we'll see how that goes. Normally if I try to go to bed early I just stay up late anyway or I do manage to fall asleep but then I wake up at 3 am and stay wide awake for a couple of hours. So here's hoping! Also, there's a terrible wild animal/alien living in a tree outside my window and it keeps making awful, loud screeching sounds. I keep picturing some sort of lizard/bird/possum hybrid because I have no idea what it is and I've never heard anything make this sound before. Sometimes I imagine the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz and sometimes I imagine raptors from Jurassic Park and sometimes I imagine the flying things from Avatar. Like I said, I have no idea what this thing is out there.

Anyway! Here we are at G for the A-Z! Today it's Gelt Me To The Party by Barielle. Ooh let me tell you I thought nothing but bad thoughts when I was applying this bad boy. It was streaky and brushstroke-y and it was looking all bad. But once it dried it looked smooth and evened out. I was SO ready to chuck this in the GIVE AWAY pile but somehow it won me over. I think it's because it's a really nice color and if it's gonna even out like that when it dries then I don't mind. It's a very rich, antique gold that could look green in some lights but very faintly. This is the color I was wearing when I fell and some of the polish chipped off. D'oh. Gelt Me kind of reminds me of how MAC's Immortal Gold looks in the bottle, but seeing as I haven't actually tried Immortal Gold yet I can't be sure of how close they are, although Immortal Gold looks like it has more of that green pull. Anyway, here it is! Also before I took it off I played around with OPI Red and Turquoise Shatter. See which one you like better...

Indoors with flash:

In weak sunlight:

In shade:

 OPI Red Shatter, indoors with flash:

OPI Turquoise Shatter, indoors with flash:

I'm letting you know, I loved the Turquoise Shatter on top. The color was much more rich and vibrantly turquoise than my pictures are showing I think, it was truly mesmerizing to look at. I had to take a separate picture of my right thumb because I couldn't hold the bottle... lol. The red is nice too but again it reminds me of Iron Man's suit... haha.

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. I loooooove the gold one! I've been looking for a nice gold for the holidays! I am now an official follower of your page! lol come be one of mine?

  2. i love the gold and red pair!!! so classy or should i say more of a chinese shades!!!lol

  3. This looks almost identical to OPI for Sephora's Rumba Romance. I think the red shatter look would be cute for the holidays ;)

  4. These shatter combos are interesting! I'm not a huge shatter fan but I do like it at times!!


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