Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A-Z Untrieds: E: Electro Candy by Color Club

Hey kids! Sorry again about being absent, a lot has happened this past weekend! First of all, I got a new car! ZOMG! And if you didn't catch it, my 25th birthday was this last Wednesday, so as kind of a belated bday present to myself, I am leasing a brand-spankin new 2012 Jetta! I'm so excited, I had the same car since I was 16 so almost 10 years of the same car and suddenly a new one?! Nutty. I love it, I'm always daydreaming about driving it, lol.

So anyway, here's E in the A-Z, Electro Candy by Color Club. It's a lovely pink neon with a slight greenish shimmer to it. It's super opaque and easy to work with. Check it!

Indoors with flash:

In full sunlight:

In shade:

 Before I took this color off I tried some Black Shatter on top because I know the black looks good over neon colors. I like it! Sorry for the lack of clean-up, this was literally right before I took it off so it didn't really matter.



You may ask, "Why is she awake so late all the time?" I'm a night owl, it's in my nature. I also really enjoy watching scary movies at night alone for some reason... but tonight I'm just enjoying listening to the rain... I love the rain :)

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. I love this so much! It's like the perfect pink. The whole Electro Candy set is a lemming of mine.

  2. Very pretty, I like the shatter on the pink

  3. I love this pink, it's perfect when you want something loud on your nails. It looks great on you! :)

  4. This pink is AWESOME. I love it. And happy belated birthday! Congrats on the new Jetta! I <3 Volkswagen. :)

  5. <3<3 it


  6. Aww that is so cool! Happy Belated Birthday!
    I like this color, but I love it under the black shatter!!


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