Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Disney Villains: Frollo

Hey guys, time for another villain! But first, an update. I am thinking of stretching my ears. Actually, I've been thinking of doing it for a really long time, like since high school but I never got around to doing it. I think I'm more receptive and determined to do it now because 1) I've just had a big change in my life and I need something new and 2) it's the next best thing after piercings (I don't really want anymore) and tattoos (I really want more but I have no money for them). Plus I think with my sassy new hairstyle (you'll see that in this post) it really suits my style and personality. Now I'm not talking HUGE holes in my ears, just small, probably like a 12 or a 10, maybe even an 8. I want to be able to still wear regular earrings if I choose. One of the reasons why I'm drawn to stretching is because of the beautiful and intricately carved earrings you can get. Look them up to see how pretty! I love the bone ones, they're calling to me! So yeah, that was my ramble. I'm hoping to start soon... will keep you posted and if anyone has any advice on the subject, I'm all ears! (HAHA punny...)

Now here is Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Originally in the novel by Victor Hugo, Frollo is an archdeacon (in Disney he's a judge) and portrayed as an anti-hero, not an actual villain like in the Disney film. However, things get a little more than PG-13 in the novel, so I can see why they would just make him straight evil for Disney. Anyway! Frollo's song always scared me and made me feel a little uncomfortable. He's like crazy religious but he's also super lusting after Esmeralda which is awkward for a kid, methinks. Plus he's talking about making her burn? Ack, that song is just so weird and awkward.

Here be inspiration pics:

As you might have guessed, it's black and purple and red time again!!!!! Sigh. Here's my take.

Not pictured: BE Big & Bright Eyeliner in Charcoal (brows) and Black Iris (bottom liner).

I really wanted something dark and smoky!!

Lid: Berry Flambe. Outer lid/crease: Typographic, then Black Tied to darken, then Top Hat to add color. Highlight: Grand Entrance. Bottom liner: Black Iris with Top Hat smudged on top.

For fun.

Before the fun part. Cheeks: BE Miracle. Lips: BE Pretty Amazing in Strength with BE Vanessa Buxom on top. You can't really tell Vanessa is on top, boo. It looked better IRL.

Oh hai new hair!!! I loovveees it. :)

What say you, lovely gang members? Also, seriously if anyone has advice on stretching, lemme know!

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. Your hair + this look = Extreme WIN!!
    I love it~~ Purple and red just look amazing together ;)

  2. On stretching--it will be a long process! Wait AT LEAST a month between stretches, longer is better. If it's very painful to put in the next size up, wait longer! Use jojoba oil or something to moisturize. Never wear tapers as your jewelry!

  3. I love the eyes..and the hair! It looks great.
    I had my ears stretched to a 6 at one point. It wasn't that bad of a process. I did figure out that if I changed earrings after the shower it didn't hurt as much.
    Frollo's song is one of my favorite parts of that movie..but I never saw it until I was an adult. I can see how it would be scary for a child.

  4. Your new hair is amazing!!!!! I did a double take and I was like WHOA! :D

  5. I love the eye makeup. The Top Hat shadow is gorgeous!

  6. Stunningggggg!

    I read somewhere about Disney color schemes and red, black, and purple are definitely their go to colors for villains, hence why they come up so much time and time again.

  7. You. Are. GORGEOUS! And this makeup looks amazing! And your hair looks awesome! I love love love this look :)

  8. you have beautiful eyes! I really like this trick, you're really creative :D I'm a new follower ♥

  9. I love the new hair!
    And BTW, I am finally returning your Liebster Blog Award. Sorry for the delay!!!! I saw it at work and it totally slipped my mind :(

  10. Love the eye colour & lashes! Soo beautiful.

  11. Just stopping by to say 'hey'... hope all is well and good ;)

  12. i really love this look but what about you girl? no posts, no winner, I hope you're fine :O

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