Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Disney Villains: Dr. Facilier aka Shadow Man

Hey guys! OH JEEZ I feel like crap, my allergies have been kicking my ass all day! After this I think I'm going to sleep. But first here's another look for the villains! One of my favorites because I love his song! It's Dr. Facilier or as he's more commonly know as in the movie, Shadow Man. I have come to notice a lot of the Disney villains use a combination of black, purple and red in their outfits. Coincidence? I dunno, but I definitely didn't want to do another similar look here plus I already had an idea in mind.

Here be inspiration pics:

If you've seen the movie, you know this part is from Shadow Man's song "Friends On The Other Side". I LOVE this song! Some villain's songs I'm not a fan of because they're too scary (like Scar's song from The Lion King always scared me when I was little). The song is just so catchy and well done and I love sugar skulls! So that's where my inspiration came from. If I were super creative and awesome I'd have actually drawn a sugar skull on my face like the picture but I'm not so this is what I came up with instead.

Products used:
BE Denim used as liner on the right eye. BE 1970's used as liner on the left eye. BE Chic Nude used as highlight on both eyes. MAC Bright Future used on the left eye.

The palette used is Coastal Scents Color Palette. 1L and 2L are used on the left eye and 1R and 2R are used on the right eye.

I tried to use all the prominent colors from the pictures.

Yellow: MAC Bright Future. Purple: 1Lon the outer corner and 2L in the crease. Orange liner: 1970's.

Pink: 1R on inner corner. Green: 2R in outer corner and crease.

For fun!

Before the fun part. Cheeks: BE Fruit Cocktail. Lips: BE Pretty Amazing in Ambition.

Hehe! I like this picture, my eyes are so colorful!

Also for fun (because it's so awesome):
Notice how Dr. Facilier himself is the only one to refer to himself as such! Everyone else just calls him Shadow Man. I love movie trivia!

Well, what do you think of my version? :D

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  1. So pretty! :) He's one of my favvie villains!

  2. So cool! I really loved this movie and he was such an awesome villain.
    Its so cool that you did mismatching colors on the eyes!

  3. this is beautiful! i love this! you're so talented!

  4. I love this! I really just love this whole series you're doing. :D

  5. This is really cute! Those lashes are so pretty! I still haven't seen this movie.. I need to check it out.

  6. Lashes for days! ❤
    Great photos. xo


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