Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Swatches (PIC HEAVY)

YAY! Finally! Solid eyeshadow from Bare Minerals! So let me give you the low-down. We (Bare Escentuals) are not calling them "pressed" powder because usually pressed powder requires preservative, binders, and fillers to keep the product pressed and to keep it from expiring. Of course, Bare Escentuals is all about being natural so we couldn't use any of that crap in our product! So a bunch of smarty-pants found a way to cold-press the minerals in borage oil! Whoopee! I'm not tryna talk too much about it, so if you really want to find out more, here's a link yeah! Today I'm showing the three quads and one duo that I picked up. The first one, The Truth quad, I received as gratis and the last three I bought with my own money!!! :D

The Truth quad, top outside of the palette:

The bottom outside of the palette shows the color/name:
*This is the one I got for gratis!!!*

Serendipitous, Magnetism,
Fate, Apropos.





Serendipitous, Magnetism, Fate, Apropos.

By the way, all of my swatches were done on bare skin!!! There is no primer under these babies! They are seriously that pigmented!!! And suuuuper creamy. ♫LOOOOVEEEE

The Dream Sequence quad, bottom of the palette:
*I bought this one with my money!!*

500 Thread Count, Romp,
Boudoir, Nightcap.

500 Thread Count.




500 Thread Count, Romp, Boudoir, Nightcap.

Again, swatched with no primer!!! Amazing!

The Afterparty quad, bottom of the palette:
*I bought this one with my money!!*

Cheers, Mingle,
Rowdy, Lights Down.




Lights Down.

Cheers, Mingle, Rowdy, Lights Down.

The difference between the duo (left) and the quad (right):

The Paradise Found duo, bottom of the palette:
*I bought this one with my money!!*

Nirvana, Utopia.



Nirvana, Utopia.

I basically got this because the name "Nirvana" is in it! Yeah!

I'm so excited to get more next paycheck! So stay tuned for more! Quads (they're referred to as 4.0) are $30 and Duos (these are referred to as 2.0) are $20. I'm so in love with these, I shouldn't have to tell you that these make like so much easier!! Yay!!

Well kids, what do we think of these super totally awesome funtime shadows?! You love them, I know. Also stay tuned for some great eye looks with these babies. Also also stay even more turned for a really nice surprise!!!! :D

Thanks for looking/commenting!!


  1. So I was totally going to purchase these because I am a huge bareMinerals fan. However, I tried them on in store (had the "consultants" put them on) - I used the 70s looking quad with nature names. By the time I got home an hour later, the shadows had completely faded. This was even using a primer. My mother, who also tried a different quad had the exact same problem. In fact, hers made her eyelids greasy. I have heard concerns from other customers who love the loose minerals, but aren't enthralled with the quality of the quads. After you wear yours, I would love to hear about your experience.

  2. Please let me know how these work out! They look beautiful!

    Also, do you have a favorite recomendation of a liner to line your lower waterline? I can't find one that works well :(

  3. I didn't know BM has those lovely eyeshadow palettes! :o. Now I know :) Great post :)


  4. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Noe following.Follow me back if you like reading perfume reviews :)

  5. I want all of those shadows. ALL OF THEM.


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