Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A-Z Untrieds: C: Cotton Candy by Revlon (PIC HEAVY)

Hey kids. Feeling a little down right now, only because I am in a little pain because of my teeth. They hurt. :( Out of all the things in/on the body that can hurt, I think teeth are the worst. Why do we even have to have nerves in our teeth anyway?! Why can't we just have teeth like sharks? Every time a shark looses a tooth, a new one pops into place, because their teeth are like on a conveyor belt, lol. I so wish I had shark teeth.

Anyway, here's C in the untrieds, Cotton Candy from Revlon. I wasn't going to get this one because I'm not a sheer fan (but it's not sheer! It covers very well in three coats!) and like I've said before, scented polish is neither here nor there for me. I happened to see a nice swatch of it on someone's blog and figured I need it. So like I've said, it's actually pretty opaque once you get it on, and I actually really liked the smell! The color and the scent are exactly like cotton candy, so I love it. The gold shimmer is an added plus, I love gold shimmer.

Indoors with flash:

I just wanted to see if the color made my fingers look longer... hmmm...

In sunlight:

In shade:

After a few days I put NYX Dreamy Glitter on top... yeah, it seemed like a good idea in my head...

Indoors with flash:

KEEP/GIVE AWAY: I'm KEEPING the Cotton Candy and probably GIVING AWAY the Dreamy Glitter. It's not that dreamy, actually, but Cotton Candy sure is! Yay!

Hey guess what! This will mark my 200th post! I may or may not be planning a give-away!! Stay tuned... :D

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. I think it looks good with the glitter on it. I love the cotton candy color. I don't know if I would want to smell it all day though since I love cotton candy. It would just make me hungry..lol!

  2. OMG this color is gorgeous! I want it!

  3. I love this one...I think the glitter is fab too...I <3 shaped glitters!

  4. I hate when something seems like a good idea and then winds up wrecking the mani. So annoying! ;[

  5. Absolutely LOVE the layering! Congrats on 200 post!

  6. I love this colour! Im the same - im not quite sure what to think of the scented polishes! But i am definitely going to try this one out :) xx


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