Sunday, September 25, 2011


You guys, seriously, wtf is wrong with me?! As I've said before, I've been known to break my nails doing little stuff like opening my car door or moving boxes at work. Nothing too strenuous on my nails but somehow I manage to do it. Well yesterday night, I happened to be a bit intoxicated while hanging out with the bf and some friends, and the bf challenged me to a race. I brushed it off like I didn't really care or want to do it, then without warning, I started sprinting! So it was dark out, we were walking back from the beach on a deserted street and, as I've stated, I was not sober. I'm actually beating the bf! Whoo!!! All of a sudden, in slow motion, I eat shit. Excuse my french, but there's no other way to explain it. I hit the asphalt and lay there for a second and all I can think is "Crap, I scratched the hell out of my arm". Which I did, on my right arm near my elbow. I also have a bitty cut on my left palm. I bruised my right knee something awful, and I pretty much walked with a limp all day today. But my nails? I was totally expecting to break at least one. This is what happened:

Seriously?? That's all?? I scratched off a bit of my polish. The nail is fine, as are the rest of my nails. WTFFFFFFF. I am the weirdest human alive.

So yes, the moral of the story is don't sprint in the dark while drunk. Even if you are winning. :D


  1. hahahaha, you sound so much like me!!

  2. I just freaking love your post! =) Too funny. At least your nail is saved!

  3. LOL that story is just too funny. We all do crazy things when we're drunk. Love the gold though :)


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