Sunday, September 11, 2011

NOTD: Tony Moly Mars

So if you lurk on blogs like me (specifically All Lacquered Up, Nailing It!, and Steffels) then you should have seen these frickin gorgdicious Korean brand nail glitters!! EEEPPP I love glitter! If you follow any one of the links above it will take you to much better pictures of the polish and also the reference to a link to ebay where the polish was purchased. I have to say, my shipment came really fast! I was expecting it to take longer than it did! Not that I'm complaining because I love what I got! I guess there are four colors altogether, but I only got three: Mars (this one), Neptune and Earth. I left Mercury out because it didn't seem that special to me. But here for your viewing pleasure, is Tony Moly Mars!! It's a maroon jelly base with gold, brown/copper and hints of blue glitters. Freakin amazing. Also, a lot of pics! Click for big viewing pleasure!

Indoors with flash:

 Blurred to show how it kinda looks purple-ish.

In full sunlight:

 In shade:

Eh-eh!? Perrrrty good ain't she! I should stop trying to convey accents over the internet, no one gets it and it probably looks like I can't write. Oh well. That's it for now, got some big plans a'comin!

Thanks for looking/commenting!!


  1. This is so pretty! Ive seen these around in some other blogs~ I love the bottle as well~

  2. This color is gorgeous! I want!!!


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