Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NOTD: OPI Honk If You Love OPI and Revlon Grape Fizz

Hellooooo nurse! ZOMG wow, that's old. Ten thousand points to the person who correctly names that reference. Anyways, here's a nice nail post for you! You're excited! This is gonna be OPI's Honk If You Love OPI. It's a dark, verging-on-black-but-you-can-still-kinda-tell-it's-not eggplant cream. I gotta tell you, not my favorite. I dunno if I just do not go for vampy colors but this didn't do anything for me. I like how vampy shades look so chic on other people, but not doing it for me. Maybe my nails are too long in this? But I still cut and filed them down considerably. Well, whatevs, cuz I put Revlon Grape Fizz over it and BAMMMM holy shizz it looks awesome. See for yourself! (So sorry for the tip wear and how awful the first two pictures look, forgive me!).

Indoors with flash:

Do you see how much better that is?! I was never planning on getting these Revlon polishes because A) they're scented and that's neither here nor there for me in a polish and B) they're suuuuuper sheer on their own. But when I stopped in Walgreens, the shimmery glass-flecked goodness of Grape Fizz called out to me and I tested it on my thumb nail and good grief it's like these two were made for each other secretly!!!  WINNING!

Thanks for looking/commenting!!!


  1. Very pretty color, love the sparkles in it!

  2. Looks great, but it's too dark for me.

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  3. Very pretty! Anything topped with glitterz gets an 'A' in my book! ;p

  4. Great combo! I bought Grape Fizz today! Now I can't wait to use it! It looks just as pretty on your nails as it did in the bottle at Walgreens!

  5. Huh, I didn't event think of the similarities between the Estee Lauder polish and the RBL one! The EL one is more purple/mauve with a gray undertone and the shimmers are more copper and a little more glitter-like. The RBL one is more of a pink based mauve, and the shimmers are more gold as well as smaller in size.
    But the concept is similar. I find them to be very different, but some people would dismiss them as being the same.
    Ooooh Grape Fizz is awesome!


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