Friday, September 16, 2011

NOTD: Butter London Dosh

Hello friends! I'm really excited to share this with you! Yeah, the nail polish but this!!! I just learned (or re-learned) that "alright" is not a word! Hooray! Okay, so I'm a big grammar nazi, and spelling too for that matter, and I seriously cannot stand grammatical/spelling errors, especially the tiny ones that everyone should know, like "you're" and "your" (I see this one ALLLLL over the place and it really makes me die a little inside.) So I was writing before I came on here and I wrote "all right". Then I remembered something that I have been wanting to look up: the difference between "all right" and "alright". Like I said before, I learned "alright" is not all right. (Tee hee!) Another one that really bugs me: "nother". "NOTHER" IS NOT A WORD!!!! You can say "another" or if you're going for that phase "a whole 'nother", just say "a whole other". ARGHH it aggravates me to no end!

So yes, that's my tiny rant. Now onto the polish! Dosh by Butter London. Fecking gorgeous murky pea soup green with what looks like glass-fleck shimmer. Love. Covered really well (I always do three coats though anyway). No sunlight pics, sorry!

Indoors with flash:

Eeeeep I love you pea soup green. The shimmer is just ridonkulous. Really great color. I'm liking Butter London more each time I slap one on, even if they are $14!! I got mine at ULTA though and they almost always send coupons, so no biggie.

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