Monday, September 5, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Cult Nails My Kind Of Kool-Aid

Hello again folks, another quick one. The first of Cult Nails that I swooned over! And oddly enough, the first one to make it on my nails. I'm sure you've seen it a kabillion times before, but here it is, the ever popular, Cult Nails My Kind Of Kool-Aid, which is a greyed lavender with subtle silver shimmer. I used three coats cuz I'm like that, then the day before I took it off I slapped OPI Silver Shatter on the ring finger and it looked awesome (except for the tipwear, I apologize). Sorry for no sun pictures!!!

Indoors with flash:

Thanks for looking, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!


  1. This color is phenomenal! I have a thing for greyed purples, and this doe snot disappoint~ Oh so you like Chiodos? :D


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