Friday, September 23, 2011

EOTD: 9/3/2011

Hey kids! So first "Oops" and second "Sorry" cuz I accidentally referred to the Disney movie Tangled as "Rapunzel" and that's not correct, so there you go. I just finished watching it again, lol. Really great movie, I laughed just as hard watching it again. Go to Netflix RIGHT NOW and watch it, it's sooooo good.

Here's an eye look from earlier! WHOOO! Finally we got some color up in here! I really like this one too, probably because I used purples and I LOVE purple eyeshadow.

Lid: Black Iris first, with Black Tulip layered over. Crease: Bruised Plum. Highlight: Cultured Pearl.

Cheeks: BE Escape. Lips: BE Heather Buxom.
Whoo, look at the apple of my cheek, looks good! I'm weird.

Yay for eye looks! Wow I'm getting really distracted because this has taken me a long time to finish. Apparently I don't feel like talking?! I'm hungry.


  1. I really like the gradient technique you used. I might have to sport this look this weekend!


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