Monday, September 26, 2011

EOTD: 9/13/2011

Hey kids! I'm having a fantastically boring and chill Monday, how about you? My car is in the shop because it decided to be annoying by overheating so hopefully it's getting fixed because I really do not want to take the train to work tomorrow. This also means that I can't go out and do stuff today. Well, I mean I could if I walked or took the bus but no thanks. I'm having a good enough time at home chillin and listening to more Sublime! I've been listening to this album like non-stop. It always puts me in a good mood and I love singing along. I really want pizza too. I love pizza. I always want pizza. Pizza > everything else. :D

Here's an eye look! Yeah! I like this color combo a lot actually! It's really simple but the colors are awesome together!

Products used:
This palette is MAC's Burmese Beauty from the Fabulous Felines Collection.

Lid: Patina. Crease: Burmese Beauty. Highlight: Prized. Top liner: Catwoman.

Cheeks: BE Pink Ribbon. Lips: BE Heather Buxom.
Not into how my eyelashes look in these pictures. They look like spider legs. Ugh. However, I really like how Patina matches my eye color. I do what I does!

I hope we have meatballs for dinner! I saw some ground beef thawing in the kitchen, and some spaghetti, so hopefully that's what's for dinner! Although I wouldn't say no to some Toto's :D

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. I'm wearing Butter London Wallis right now and it totally matches your eyeshadow!

  2. Such a pretty eyeshadow look! I love how the colors came out. I agree with the comment above ^^
    It does look like Wallis!

  3. i love this one, too! :) ahhh i need to teach myself to be this good.. sighh. you are gonna be my inspiration!

  4. Very pretty eye look!

    Thanks for following my blog :)

    <3 ShugaAndSpice


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