Thursday, September 15, 2011

EOTD: 8/15/2011

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of eye posts, I've been on a really weird and rare brown/natural stint. I almost never wear a natural eye with brown shadows but lately it's all I've wanted to wear (or more accurately all I've had the desire to do). Yep, that's right, I haven't had any inspiration to do colorful looks and trying to think of something colorful and fun makes my head hurt. Luckily BE is coming out with our new SOLID eyecolors at the end of the month!! Excited!! I think the main reason I have no desire to do colorful eye looks is because I don't want to riffle through my loose shadows to find something that works. Palettes make life easier because then I don't have to think about whether this color will look good with this other one.

But anyway here's one from last month. I even wore falsies! Why? I dunno, cuz I can. I used MAC's Leopard Luxe eye palette for this look. The lashes are Ardell.

Products used:

Lower lid/inner crease: Style Predator. Crease: Notoriety with Fiercely Fabulous layered over. Highlight: Tissueweight. Top liner: Catwoman.

I kind of love this picture. Is that vain? Sorry. I just like that you can see my face shape :P
Cheeks: BE Miracle. Lips: Marissa Buxom.

Hopefully more inspiration will come to me soon!
Thanks for looking/commenting! 


  1. Gorgeous! That's a great palette and I love the falsies too

  2. Lovely! I specially love the blush you used. it looks so great on you :D


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