Thursday, September 8, 2011

EOTD: 8/13/2011

Hello folks, it's 3:30 in the morning! Ahaha why am I awake, you ask? Cuz I don't have work tomorrow and I stay up late lurking on your blogs, watching Netflix and playing with nail polish/makeup. And posting.  Here's one now!

A look I did using greens!

The palette used is Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer.

Inner lid: Coastal Scents #1. Middle lid: Coastal Scents #2. Outer lid/crease: Coastal Scents #3. Highlight: Cultured Pearl. Top liner: Catwoman + Liner Sealer.

I'm pretty sure on my cheeks is BE Floret and on my lips is BE Marissa Buxom. But I could just be making that up.

Sorry for not much talk, my mind is really in another world right now, probably due to all the allergy medicine I need because my allergies have been acting up these past couple of days! Argh!!

Thanks for looking/commenting!


  1. Really pretty combo! I'm loving your blush, too ;)

  2. I love your make up... it looks sooo pretty!!! I wish I could do something like this :-P I suck at putting make up on


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