Thursday, September 1, 2011

EOTD: 8/10/2011

Hey guys! I have a nice eye look for you and also a word of advice! If you are out of shape, do NOT attempt riding your bike around the block!!! I just tried doing so and I kid you not, I was probably only out for like five minutes or so before I felt HELLA winded. I collapsed immediately on my bed and I've not moved since. I really need to take a shower now too because I got all sweaty, not that you needed to know that. :P

Anyways! Here's the look. It reminds me of maybe the colors from MAC's Hello Kitty promo??? I don't remember... Maybe not... ::shrugs::

Inner lid: Paradisco. Outer lid/crease: Vibrant Grape. Highlight: Light Show. Top liner: Wet N Wild.

I love the colors! I wanted to like the liner, but ultimately I'm not a fan of the consistency. It felt too dry and although it's supposed to be like a "marker" it just wasn't the look I wanted. On my cheeks is BE Love Radiance and on my lips is BE Emily Buxom. And that's the bf's backyard! Wow! Lol, see how overcast it is!!? Yeah, it's like that most of the time.

Thanks for looking loves!


  1. i really like the colors chosen! very pretty look

  2. Random person here, to tell you that Paradisco is in one of the MAC Hello Kitty palettes. :) You do a lovely job on your makeup!


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