Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Disney Villains: Chernabog

Hey guys, I'm not usually up this early if I don't have to be, in fact I plan on going right back to sleep after I GET MY CAR BACK!!! YAY!! So please excuse my non-existent brain functions right now.

Next villain up is Chernabog from Fantasia! Who is Chernabog? The devil, basically. "Chernabog" is Slavic for "black god". I always remember that part of Fantasia being really friggin scary. Like, REALLY scary. I was reading the page on Wikipedia about what happens in the film since it's been a while since I've seen it, and it says things like "He raises criminals from the dead and they pass through the noose a second time and some are resurrected from a lake, they throw the damned into a fiery inferno" and holy jeez that sounds really scary. So you get the point.

Here be inspiration pics:

Now for my interpretation:

IRL, the black looked a lot better, I'm afraid the flash washed it out a bit and just made my forehead look shiny :-/

Again, don't laugh at my lash application!! Waaaahhhh.

I was going for horns...

Lid (and blended upward): Vapor. Crease: Denim. Highlight: Gold Medal. Top liner: Sundress. Bottom liner: Intense Black with Luxe on top.

For fun:

Cheeks: Glee Radiance. Lips: I applied BE Heather Buxom on first and dipped my finger in Denim e/s and smudged it on my lips and voila, blue lipstick.

I wanted the yellow liner to be like Chernabog's eyes and the blue to be the highlight of his body and just as a prominent color (the sky, the flames, you get the idea.)

 What do think of Chernabog? Who was also scarred by this guy when they were kids?! Lol!

Thanks for looking/commenting!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A-Z Untrieds: C: Cotton Candy by Revlon (PIC HEAVY)

Hey kids. Feeling a little down right now, only because I am in a little pain because of my teeth. They hurt. :( Out of all the things in/on the body that can hurt, I think teeth are the worst. Why do we even have to have nerves in our teeth anyway?! Why can't we just have teeth like sharks? Every time a shark looses a tooth, a new one pops into place, because their teeth are like on a conveyor belt, lol. I so wish I had shark teeth.

Anyway, here's C in the untrieds, Cotton Candy from Revlon. I wasn't going to get this one because I'm not a sheer fan (but it's not sheer! It covers very well in three coats!) and like I've said before, scented polish is neither here nor there for me. I happened to see a nice swatch of it on someone's blog and figured I need it. So like I've said, it's actually pretty opaque once you get it on, and I actually really liked the smell! The color and the scent are exactly like cotton candy, so I love it. The gold shimmer is an added plus, I love gold shimmer.

Indoors with flash:

I just wanted to see if the color made my fingers look longer... hmmm...

In sunlight:

In shade:

After a few days I put NYX Dreamy Glitter on top... yeah, it seemed like a good idea in my head...

Indoors with flash:

KEEP/GIVE AWAY: I'm KEEPING the Cotton Candy and probably GIVING AWAY the Dreamy Glitter. It's not that dreamy, actually, but Cotton Candy sure is! Yay!

Hey guess what! This will mark my 200th post! I may or may not be planning a give-away!! Stay tuned... :D

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Inspiration: Disney Villains: Capt. Hook

YOU GUYS! SURPRISE! I've been planning on doing this little series ever since I got an email from Disney Destinations (yes, I'm a nerd) about Halloween time at Disney parks! GAH I so wish I could go to Disneyland during Halloween, it looks so fun! Unfortunately this is one of the drawbacks of working retail, you almost never get time off unless you're management cuz then you get paid time off. Argh! Anyway, here's the link of the page that gave me this inspiration: EVILLL!!

From there I researched who exactly is a "villain" and I compiled a little list of Disney Villains that I could get inspiration from. First villain up is one of my favorites! Captain James Hook from Peter Pan. Something that really irks me about the Disney Capt. Hook; he's portrayed as very comical, and in the book, he's much more sinister and, like a pirate should be, cut-throat. Jason Isaacs' Capt. Hook is much more accurate. Plus I love Jason Isaacs, he is the best villain ever in every movie I've seen him in! I also love Dustin Hoffman's Capt. Hook, mainly because it doesn't feel like Dustin Hoffman when you're watching the movie, it feels like Hook! He did such an amazing job! The following are pictures that I used for inspiration:

Disney's Capt. Hook:

Jason Isaacs as Capt. Hook:

Dustin Hoffman as Capt. Hook:

Obviously, a lot of red and gold going on here. I took pieces from each image to come up with my look.

Products used:

I really wanted to mimic Dustin Hoffman's eyebrows as Hook but I don't have spare hair lying around and trying to create the wild, curly brow hair just wasn't working with the pencil. So dark brows it is. I always like darker brows on myself, but I don't think I could pull it off in real life because then they'd be too dark. I also tried to get the bottom liner to look like the dark bags that Disney Hook has under his eyes without actually making it look like I have dark bags :)

I'm rubbish at putting lashes on myself, plus this was just for fun, so don't judge my lack of lash application skills! LOL

So I incorporated all the predominant colors, red and gold, and I really wanted to make it rich and smoky, so I added burgundy too. I also wanted to incorporate purple since it's part of Disney Hook's outfit.

Inner corner (top and bottom): True Gold. Inner lid: Passion. Outer lid: Here Kitty. Crease: Coco Cherry Truffle. Highlight: Queen Phyllis Matte. Top liner: Berry Flambe (wet). Bottom liner: Plum Big & Bright eyeliner with Berry Flambe on top (dry). Brows: Black Coffee Big & Bright eyeliner.

For fun, cuz I'm a big dork.

Cheeks: BE Flowers. Lips: Some sort of BE lipstick concoction I made.

If I were cool and had a bunch of costumes and wigs and stuff, I'd go the whole nine yards with this look, but seeing as I don't, please feel free to use your imagination :)

There's one villain down! Yay! What do you think of this?

Thanks for looking/commenting!

EOTD: 9/13/2011

Hey kids! I'm having a fantastically boring and chill Monday, how about you? My car is in the shop because it decided to be annoying by overheating so hopefully it's getting fixed because I really do not want to take the train to work tomorrow. This also means that I can't go out and do stuff today. Well, I mean I could if I walked or took the bus but no thanks. I'm having a good enough time at home chillin and listening to more Sublime! I've been listening to this album like non-stop. It always puts me in a good mood and I love singing along. I really want pizza too. I love pizza. I always want pizza. Pizza > everything else. :D

Here's an eye look! Yeah! I like this color combo a lot actually! It's really simple but the colors are awesome together!

Products used:
This palette is MAC's Burmese Beauty from the Fabulous Felines Collection.

Lid: Patina. Crease: Burmese Beauty. Highlight: Prized. Top liner: Catwoman.

Cheeks: BE Pink Ribbon. Lips: BE Heather Buxom.
Not into how my eyelashes look in these pictures. They look like spider legs. Ugh. However, I really like how Patina matches my eye color. I do what I does!

I hope we have meatballs for dinner! I saw some ground beef thawing in the kitchen, and some spaghetti, so hopefully that's what's for dinner! Although I wouldn't say no to some Toto's :D

Thanks for looking/commenting!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A-Z Untrieds: B: Bastille My Heart by OPI

Hey kids, another A-Z! This time, if you couldn't guess, it's B!! Yay! So here's a look at Bastille My Heart by OPI. This is a gorgeous red wine with kind of a pearly shimmer. Super pretty! At first I was thinking of giving it away because it seemed really basic, but I love red nail polish and I really fell in love with this color.

Indoors with flash:

In full sunlight:
Angle 1

Angle 2

In shade:
Sorry for the blur.

So what do you think?! I know not everyone is a red nail polish fan because it's a very common color but I always love it, especially if it has the word "cherry" in it!! :D

Also, I'm going to kind of take a page from All Lacquered Up and share with you guys whether I'm going to keep this polish or give it away: KEEP! As I've said, I love red, and it really made me change my mind about giving it away when I was editing the photos. Soooo pretty!

(If you want to know if I'm keeping/giving the first color I showed, A Oui Bit of Red, I'm keeping that too!)

Thanks for looking/commenting!!


You guys, seriously, wtf is wrong with me?! As I've said before, I've been known to break my nails doing little stuff like opening my car door or moving boxes at work. Nothing too strenuous on my nails but somehow I manage to do it. Well yesterday night, I happened to be a bit intoxicated while hanging out with the bf and some friends, and the bf challenged me to a race. I brushed it off like I didn't really care or want to do it, then without warning, I started sprinting! So it was dark out, we were walking back from the beach on a deserted street and, as I've stated, I was not sober. I'm actually beating the bf! Whoo!!! All of a sudden, in slow motion, I eat shit. Excuse my french, but there's no other way to explain it. I hit the asphalt and lay there for a second and all I can think is "Crap, I scratched the hell out of my arm". Which I did, on my right arm near my elbow. I also have a bitty cut on my left palm. I bruised my right knee something awful, and I pretty much walked with a limp all day today. But my nails? I was totally expecting to break at least one. This is what happened:

Seriously?? That's all?? I scratched off a bit of my polish. The nail is fine, as are the rest of my nails. WTFFFFFFF. I am the weirdest human alive.

So yes, the moral of the story is don't sprint in the dark while drunk. Even if you are winning. :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

EOTD: 9/3/2011

Hey kids! So first "Oops" and second "Sorry" cuz I accidentally referred to the Disney movie Tangled as "Rapunzel" and that's not correct, so there you go. I just finished watching it again, lol. Really great movie, I laughed just as hard watching it again. Go to Netflix RIGHT NOW and watch it, it's sooooo good.

Here's an eye look from earlier! WHOOO! Finally we got some color up in here! I really like this one too, probably because I used purples and I LOVE purple eyeshadow.

Lid: Black Iris first, with Black Tulip layered over. Crease: Bruised Plum. Highlight: Cultured Pearl.

Cheeks: BE Escape. Lips: BE Heather Buxom.
Whoo, look at the apple of my cheek, looks good! I'm weird.

Yay for eye looks! Wow I'm getting really distracted because this has taken me a long time to finish. Apparently I don't feel like talking?! I'm hungry.