Monday, August 15, 2011

Song I'm Obsessed With Right Now: From Autumn To Ashes "Take Her To The Music Store"

Hey guys. Sad day. The Giants lost in the 9th inning to the Braves. Brian Wilson blew it. Needless to say, I'm really upset. I'm listening to a lot of screaming right now since I can't scream myself. Most people would say to me, "Why are you so upset? It's just a game." Well, sorry, but to me, it's not "just a game". Instead of god, I have faith in baseball. On my facebook page I even listed "baseball" as my religion. It's that serious. I love it when my boys do well and feel absolutely crushed when they lose, especially in a game like today's. We were up 4-2!!! Ack, such a heartbreaker. I can't think about it anymore. Here's the song I'm listening to to help calm me down. I love this song, it's one of my favorites from their first album, Too Bad You're Beautiful. It's also too bad that their sound isn't like this anymore... oh well, what are you gonna do?

Enjoy the screaming, I know I do :)

Be right back with real posts, right after I mourn the awful loss we just suffered at the hands of our closer...

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