Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shirt of the Day: Quidditch House Outfitters

As promised, here is my Ravenclaw shirt to match with my Ravenclaw eye and nail looks. By the way super stoked that the Giants just won against the Phillies. We needed that win. Unfortunately though, the stupid Diamondbacks won too, so they're still only a half game behind us in the standings. Man I really hate them. But who cares, Tim Lincecum got the win today! Yay!!! Anyway, here's the shirt, provided, of course, by Tee Fury.

AWW YEAH this shirt kicks. The name of the shirt could be interpreted as either "Urban Outfitters" but I think it's a play on "American Eagle Outfitters" just because Ravenclaw's house mascot is an eagle. So clever. Unusually, this shirt is a little tighter than normal, but maybe because it's not broken in yet? That shall be remedied soon! :D

Have a good rest of your Sunday!


  1. This shirt, I can't even, no words! So awesome! :D


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