Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Zoya Calypso

Hey guys! Sorry for the long time between my last post, a lot has been happening! So first and foremost, false alarm about the whole break-up thing. We are back together! After like two days of being "single", the bf decided he wasn't making the right choice and we talked it over and we're gonna work stuff out. Yay!

The Giants are continuing to lose badly so I'm convinced that this season is over. It's still early, but there's no way, not with everyone of value injured and those who are supposed to be producing runs are not. So, we gave it a good go as defending world champs, but this season is not happening. All I keep thinking though is the Niners and Sharks are DUE. Let's get some more champs in the Bay Area!!

Now this post is gonna be short. Partly because I don't want to take too much time up but also because I don't have a lot to say about this color. "Ick" would be the appropriate thing to say. Here's Zoya Calypso. It's OPI Melon Of Troy all over again. This color is awful. It's a tad better because there's a little more pink and not as much peach, but there's still a lot of peach, and I just hate it. Also it's nice because it's not as frosty, it actually has a nice bit of shimmer, but it ultimately looks a bit frosty. Yuck.

Indoors with flash:

Okay guys, that's it for me today, see you tomorrow maybe!?

Thanks for looking!


  1. yay =] I'm glad everything got worked out with you two. I'm happy he realized the error of his ways! lol <33 idk what I would do if the boy and I broke up =[

    idk... I can't tell if I love that color, or I hate it. hahaha it's one of the two though

  2. Yay, I am glad you guys are working things out ^_^
    I like orange nail polishes, but this is one is a little cantaloupe looking. Maybe if the color was orange it would have been better.


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