Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: LA Splash Sparkling Fuchsia

Hey again guys and dolls, here's some more nail polish suicide for you! Yay! Here we're featuring one from LA Splash, which has inexplicably disappeared from ULTA??? Oh well, I guess I just have to order them from Cherry Culture. Anyway, it's a gorgeous sparkling fuchsia, like the name so thoroughly implies. Fun fact: I always used to spell "fuchsia" wrong so I devised a trick to help myself remember how to spell it. I pretend like I'm spelling "fuck" (primitive, I know), change the "k" to an "h" and add "sia". Essentially, I think of "fucksia" so remember that the "ch" comes before the "s". LOL I'm weird. Sorry for all the swearing. :D

LA Splash Sparkling Fuchsia
Holy jeez this is awesome sauce. I fecking love glitter. This one is obviously a fuchsia glitter, but it also has a teeny tiny amount of light blue glitter. Try looking for it!

LA Splash Sparkling Fuchsia
As you can see, this glitter is also very opaque on its own. I love glitter that I can wear alone!!

LA Splash Sparkling Fuchsia
Here is a sunlight picture, perhaps you can see the blue glitter a bit better? It does make the fuchsia look a bit washed out but it's still rather glittery!

I love this polish and I really wanted to try black shatter over it but I couldn't bring myself to cover it. Maybe if I wear this color again in the future I'll try it.

How's your Sunday treating you? I really really hope the Giants can pull out at least one win from this damn series with the STUPID Phillies. MAN I really hate them.


  1. Sparkles ^_^
    I love the LA Splash nail polishes. The only thing that pisses me off is that when you first open then, they are sooo hard to open. The square shaped cap doesn't help much either.


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