Friday, August 12, 2011

Nail Polish Suicide: Essie Dive Bar

Hey again, back with the real post! So I see a lot of bloggers are anticipating fall like no other, and it's hard not to what with all these great fall collections coming out! But I am clinging desperately to summer for some reason. I think part of it has to do with the fact that the bf now lives in Half Moon Bay where it has been overcast for the entire summer, with maybe three days total of nice weather. Now I'm not gonna lie; I hate the heat. But I love baseball and hot dogs and ice cream, all of which are quintessential summer past times, plus I think the sun really helps to clear up my eczema somehow. I do love fall and winter more, but I like my seasons clear cut - my summers hot and my winters cold (no snow here fortunately!). So in short, I'm trying to enjoy the rest of this summer weather since I feel like I've had so little of it. Oddly enough, the nail polish suicide gods have fall in mind for me, since I've been picking such dark, vampy colors recently. Case in point: Essie Dive Bar.

Essie Dive Bar
This color had been a lemming of mine for a while. I love the blackened teal/blue color but I'm disappointed because I couldn't find the purple flash on my nail like it is in the bottle. Oh well, maybe if my nails were shorter?

Essie Dive Bar
Full sunlight shot. Excellent formula and coverage.

Essie Dive Bar
I'm sad to say that later that day at work while I was trying to move some boxes my pinky nail popped right off. It was already broken but I was waiting for it to grow out more. Unfortunately fate had something else in mind for me... nubs. Meh.

Well love bugs, I've got a lot in mind for you coming up!! I'm working on a facebook page and trying to think of awesome stuff for a giveaway maybe! Stay tuned and thanks for looking!


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