Sunday, August 7, 2011

Giveaway over at Never Unpolished!

Hey dudes and gals, I never do this cuz I'm lame but I REALLY want these collections and seeing as I'm strapped for cash, why not try winning these instead? So Never Unpolished is having an awesome giveaway featuring a full set of Zoya's fall collection, Smoke & Mirrors. HOLY JEEZ I'm excited. I'm posting this here as one of the ways to earn a point but also to tell you guys about it! I'd be tres jealous if you guys won but no hard feelings! I'd look forward to seeing swatches :D Also, again I'm lame but I don't have Twitter so I hope that doesn't affect my chances... lol it's enough that I have Facebook, and I barely go on it!! Hah, at least I blog. Anyway, hope you guys enter and good luck!!! I gots my fingers crossed though, otherwise next paycheck is going towards those collections, they're fricken beautiful.

Be back soon with lovely nail and eye looks for you!!

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  1. thanks for letting us know! i'm going to go check this out!


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